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Our Secret for a Cooking Delicious Warm Meal on a Winter’s Day

July 26, 2017

Brrrrr winter is here and there is no better time to enjoy a warm meal on a Winter’s day than right now!

The chefs in the Hearty Health kitchen have been busy refining their recipes and cooking with passion so that our kids receive the tastiest food from our winter menu.    The chicken casserole is delicious and has been receiving rave reviews from the kids (and carers) in child care centres that use Hearty Health.

Although we can’t give away our secret recipe, we can tell you that the key to making a warm meal on a Winter’s day, like our chicken casserole, is to make sure that you:

  • Cook with love – the more you care about your food and love what you are doing, the more chance you have of the meal being delicious.
  • Use the best and freshest of ingredients – we have all heard fresh is best and this is true. Use seasonal produce, keep it simple and let the flavours in the food shine.
  • Hold off on the additives – there is no need to use a whole lot of extra additives if you cook with great ingredients. Flavour food with herbs, good stock and long slow cooking on these cold wintery days and watch the food get devoured by the family!
  • Variety is the spice of life – mix it up and add variety to your meal plan. We guarantee you – the kids will love it!

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