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Why Naturally Thin People Aren’t Really All That Naturally Thin

August 15, 2023

Have you ever wondered how some people can effortlessly maintain a slim figure while others struggle to do the same?

We all know this type: that fit neighbor who never set foot in the gym or that slender friend who can eat whatever they want and still have a body worthy of a magazine cover.

It’s easy to assume that these naturally thin individuals are simply blessed with good genes or unique metabolism. Although this may be the case, there are also certain habits and choices they make that contribute to their ability to keep their shape.


Here are six reasons why naturally thin people aren’t really all that naturally thin—it also takes some work!


1. They’re always on the move.


Naturally thin people tend to be more active throughout the day. They’re always fidgeting, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and choosing to walk short distances instead of driving. These little habits add up and help them burn more calories effortlessly.


2. They’re mindful eaters.


You won’t catch these folks binging on junk food or mindlessly overeating. They have a healthier relationship with food and eat mindfully. They pay attention to their body’s signals of hunger and fullness and enjoy a balanced diet with a variety of nutritious foods in reasonable portions. Research shows mindful eating can help address emotional eating and may help prevent weight gain by increasing awareness of internal cues to eat.


3. They eat real food.


Naturally thin people tend to prioritize the consumption of real, unprocessed foods. They opt for lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. By focusing on high-quality, nutritious foods, they ensure that their bodies receive the necessary nutrients without unnecessary caloric intake. This approach supports healthy metabolism and helps to maintain a steady weight.


4. They cook at home.


Cooking at home is another crucial habit often seen among naturally thin individuals. By preparing their meals, they have control over the ingredients used and can ensure healthier cooking techniques. Research suggests this practice allows them to consume a healthier diet, whether or not they are trying to lose weight.


5. They get their beauty sleep.


Sleep is not just for beauty, it’s also a crucial part of maintaining a healthy weight. Naturally thin people understand this and make sleep a priority. A good night’s sleep helps regulate hormones that control hunger and fullness, so they can make better food choices throughout the day. Plus, their healthy habits, like regular exercise, contribute to better sleep quality.

According to a 2008 study, sleep-deprived individuals are 55% more likely to develop obesity compared to those who get enough sleep.


6. They care for their gut.


Believe it or not, the health of your gut plays a role in weight management. Naturally thin people tend to have a healthier gut microbiome thanks to their diverse diet, moderate alcohol intake, and other healthy lifestyle choices. Literature shows healthy gut helps with better nutrient absorption and more efficient metabolism.




In conclusion, being naturally thin is not solely determined by genetics. It’s about adopting a lifestyle that encompasses various healthy habits. From staying active and mindful eating to cooking at home and prioritizing sleep, naturally thin people make conscious choices to maintain their figures. If you’re looking to achieve a healthy weight and overall wellness, consider incorporating some of these habits into your own life.

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