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Scientists Prove Losing Weight Does Not Require 100% Consistency

June 1, 2023

Truth be told, consistency remains key to achieving life-changing goals, be it in your career, relationship, or health. So when starting a diet or fitness plan, we attempt to push through our limits to adhere to a predetermined routine or formula.

Nonetheless, no matter how insistent we are in our body goals, none of us are perfect. At some point, our best can look different daily, inevitably affecting our consistency, discipline, and commitment.


Is 100% consistency even doable?


A hundred percent consistency is relatively perfection. Nobody is perfect, and this applies to technically many aspects of life. A reasonable space for mistakes or freedom is always a good allowance.

In fact, a comprehensive study involving 1,000 participants with nearly a million data points revealed that maintaining 80-89% consistency in one’s health and fitness regimen is significantly more sustainable than striving for 90-100% consistency.

Intriguingly, over the span of a year, the group that achieved 80-89% consistency experienced only a marginal difference in weight loss, shedding just 4 pounds less than those who maintained 90-100% consistency. This finding highlights the importance of pursuing a balanced and realistic approach to health and wellness rather than seeking perfection.


How consistent do you really need to be to make progress?


This could be mind-blowing, but you don’t need to be even fairly consistent to achieve results. Interestingly, the same study revealed that there was no significant difference in outcomes among groups that achieved various consistency levels, such as 50-59%, 60-69%, or 70-79%, in their weight loss program.

Even making a minimal effort—no matter how small—can lead to noticeable changes and improvements in the long run.


Each of us is an isolated case.


Your goals should be tailored to your unique starting point.

Take, for example, someone who hasn’t exercised in a year. For them, achieving 100% consistency might involve being active only three days a week. Consequently, 40% consistency would translate to just 1.2 workouts per week. By setting goals that align with your personal circumstances, you can create a more engaging and achievable plan for success.

Likewise, our individual circumstances may influence how we paint consistency in our weight loss plan. For instance, working adults and parents juggle multiple responsibilities daily. Planning and preparing healthy meals may be more challenging, making it more difficult to stay on top of their diet.

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Consistency is still key to every successful weight loss journey, but you are not required to conform 100% of the time. Give yourself some allowance for mistakes. Remember that the journey isn’t a pass-or-fail game.

Remain consistent, stay healthy, and don’t fret if the big changes don’t happen quickly enough for your liking. Baby steps still mean you are moving forward.

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