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Why Cheese Is Considered A New Anti-Aging’ Superfood’

August 9, 2021

You better believe it; cheese can reportedly help keep years off your appearance—at least according to research published in the journal Nature Medicine.

Scientists have found that a compound called Spermidine, commonly found in aged cheese, has reportedly extended the life of mice in recent studies. 

Researchers also completed a study on the diets of 800 Italians, known to eat high quantities of cheese in their regular diets. What did they find? High levels of Spermidine—resulting in lower blood pressure. 

But that’s not ALL the benefits of getting some delicious dairy into your diet. 

Cheese also reportedly:


Can Improve Gut Health

Creamy cheese such as mozzarella is packed full of good bacteria, which help balance your body’s gut microbiome, which helps overall wellness and even improve mental health.


Can Improve Bone Health

Cheese such as gouda or blue cheese is full of calcium, which helps improve bone density (especially as we age).


Can Help Reduce Body Fat

It might seem counterintuitive because cheese is full of fats, however, cheese such as feta, which contains high levels of linoleic acid, can actually help speed up your body’s metabolism resulting in faster fat burning. 


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