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What Is Matcha Tea and Is It As Good For You As People Say It Is

April 26, 2021

The thing with food trends nowadays is that they’re not always healthy. They look great and taste just as sinfully good, but when it comes to nutritional value, they provide very little in the long-term. But not Matcha Green Tea! Here’s the difference between ordinary green tea and matcha: whereas the leaves are boiled and then disposed of for green tea, matcha leaves are steamed and stone-ground to make fine powder instead – which means we get all the wonderful benefits of the leaves! 


More than just a fad, there’s a whole lot of reason to get into the bandwagon and start drinking (and Instagramming) Matcha Green Tea yourself!


Increased Antioxidants

If there’s something matcha has a lot of, it’s catechins – a certain type of plant compound that acts as antioxidants that help in the prevention of cell damage by managing and reducing the formation of free radicals. Too much of free radicals is harmful to the body and may lead to oxidative stress and, consequently, oxidative stress-induced diseases


Better Heart Health

According to a study, just one cup of green tea a day can help lower the risk of coronary disease by 10%! So go ahead and have your daily dose of matcha since it also helps lower blood pressure, improves ventricular function, and maintains vascular tone. Talk about another win for your heart!


More Rutin! 

Though not a very popular plant-based pigment, rutin helps increase and strengthen the flexibility of our blood vessels, the result of which is improved overall health. Healthier arteries and capillaries lead to an ease of the following conditions: bruises, spider veins, and varicose veins. Studies indicate that out of various tea types, green tea had the highest rutin content, with matcha having 50 times more rutin content than ordinary green tea.


Increased Weight Loss

Green tea is well known for enhancing weight loss and is beneficial in helping metabolism speed up, which increases the energy we expend resulting in our bodies burning fat faster. In fact, 11 studies showed green tea to have reduced body weight, plus a bonus: it also helped maintain said weight loss. 


Brain Boost! 

Matcha tea isn’t just good for your heart but your brain too! A matcha tea-specific study showed that matcha caused improvements in attention, reaction time, and memory compared to placebos. It also has caffeine, but what makes matcha different is the added compound L-Theanine that changes the effect caffeine has in the body. Instead of the usual crash and burn after a caffeine high, said compound promotes alertness that can help keep us functioning. 


Even if you’re not an avid tea drinker, there’s something for you if you want to include matcha in your life: breads, cakes, and even ice cream now feature matcha as a flavor of choice. That it’s Instagram-worthy in its many forms is just a bonus; the real benefit here is that matcha is great for your health. So go green! Go matcha! 


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