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Walk It Off: 3 Reasons You Need To Schedule A 20-Minute Power Walk Into Your Day

June 10, 2021

We know you’re busy. Everyone is nowadays. And with the internet ensuring we’re all connected 24/7, it’s easy to be busier than ever because everything is within reach, one video call, chat, or email away. But this isn’t an excuse to take our health for granted! On top of good food, exercising plays a big role in ensuring our physical wellbeing. The upside is, exercise doesn’t always have to be a full routine. Something as simple as a 20-minute power walk everyday can have amazing effects. Check out three of them below! 


1. No equipment needed, just simple gear. 

Walking is a weight-bearing exercise since we carry our own body weight when we do it, meaning no weights or mats needed. As long as you have a good pair of shoes, you’re all set! The benefits of walking everyday, even for a short time, include a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, reduced body fat, increased muscle strength and endurance, as well as stronger bones, among other things


2. Morning walks boost energy levels the same way caffeine does.

Coffee is all well and good, but for people who are trying to reduce caffeine-intake or just don’t drink coffee at all, great news: walking can give you an energy boost too! In fact, one study found that stair-walking gave participants more energy than a low dose of caffeine. Another study also showed that walking for 20 minutes or more can help you feel energized.  


3. It encourages creative thinking. 

Walking was found to increase creative output by 60% according to a study by Stanford University. Because it’s an activity that helps us relax and allows our mind to wander, we are given the chance to set ourselves free and let our creativity flow. This isn’t limited to the environment either: it was the act of walking itself that gave people a creativity boost. 


Taking time off to do some walking can provide a host of benefits, both mental and physical. You don’t have to go to the gym and hop on a treadmill, or do several laps jogging around your neighborhood, to feel its effects. It can be a quick nature walk while enjoying the scenery, or simply a part of your day-to-day commute. With no gear needed or complicated movements to follow and memorize, try it out today and see the wonderful results yourself. 


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