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The Top 3 Diets of 2021: What’s Influencing Our Eating This Year

March 15, 2021

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught people to be more mindful of this year, it has to be this: taking better care of our health. From observing proper handwashing to eating the right food, the COVID-19 pandemic has really put a lot of fitness-related things in perspective for a lot of us. As a result, we’ve become more vigilant when it comes to what impacts our health at the moment and for the long-term – and it has encouraged us to start with the easiest change we can do to get started on our journey to healthier living: the practice of dieting. 

There are so many types out there, most of which have been around for years, but in today’s list, we’ve chosen the top 3 diets you should definitely look out for (and try!) this 2021! 


Mediterranean Diet

This diet isn’t just a diet – it’s practically a way of life! It reflects the traditional way of eating observed by the countries that surround the Mediterranean and, though there are variations in food inclusions depending on location, this is what the options commonly look like: vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, cereals, and grains. And did we mention olive oil? Because it’s the oil of them all when you go Mediterranean. 

There’s a lot of focus on plant food and fresh produce, which means the Mediteranean diet provides essential nutrients since it covers a broad range of selections from different food groups. You have healthy fats, fibre, and vitamins and minerals for your daily nutritional needs. The diet is also low on sugar and doesn’t include much red meat, animal fats, or processed foods – overall, it’s a great diet if you’re looking at going back to the basics of healthy eating. 



No, this doesn’t have anything to do with running! Instead, DASH stands for “dietary approaches to stop hypertension”, a program that scientists came up with the early 1990s to bring attention to the sources of high sodium and unhealthy saturated fats in most people’s diets. Since it’s the specific focus is on managing blood pressure, it’s low on red meat, salt, added sugars, and fat. A typical DASH diet looks like this: vegetables, whole grains, and lean meat. 

This diet puts great emphasis on reduced salt intake to help lower blood pressure, with a suggestion of no more than a teaspoon of sodium per day. But more than just helping with hypertension management, observing the DASH diet can also reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. 


Volumetrics Diet

This is the diet for you if you’re looking at shedding those extra pounds! Created by Barbara J. Rolls, Volumetrics doesn’t restrict you as other diets do but guides you to be mindful of what and how much you’re eating instead. As the name implies, the diet is based on volume; it’s designed to help you feel fuller for longer while maximizing the calories you consume. There’s great emphasis on eating instead of depriving yourself just to drop a pound or two: you can lose weight by eating satisfying portions of healthier choices, and because you’re already full, then you won’t have any reason to overeat. 

In simple terms: you can lose weight by eating fewer calories from food that will make you feel full. And the best thing about this diet? You don’t need to give up on your favourite foods because the diet teaches you how to enjoy them without the risk of overeating.  


Whether your goal for dieting is to lose weight or gain it, lower your blood pressure, or to simply make healthy choices moving forward, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a diet that won’t work for you. May these three diets be your starting point in your goal to a happier, healthier living. 

Good luck on your goals this year! 

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