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The Importance of Fresh Ingredients in Ready-Made Meals

November 28, 2019
The Importance of Fresh Ingredients in Ready-Made Meals

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” This is a popular quote that should be familiar to many people and fairly quite easy to understand. It is a known fact that many people love to eat good food. But, how do we really judge food quality especially when we’re buying ready-made meals? Ready-made meals can be anything and with all the packed food that’s out there, we can never be sure what we’re eating and what ingredients were used.

Nowadays, we have to be smart with our food choices, and ready-made meals don’t have to be junk food. This is where Hearty Health shows its commitment to bring forth healthy and nutritious meals made using only the freshest ingredients available. Our professional chefs collaborate and innovate to create delicious dietary meals opt for the needs and requirements of consumers, Australia wide and even internationally.

What Makes Fresh Ingredients the Best?

Fresher is always better, and this is an inarguable truth that we all know, but what are the main reasons why fresh ingredients are very important in ready-made meals?

  • Flavour Benefits – Fresh ingredients are flavourful due to the fact that no chemical compounds or artificial mixes can replicate the true flavours of food. Using fresh ingredients mean preserving and keeping the natural, vivid flavour, and texture of the food. If you compare the sweetness and tartness combination of fresh fruits versus those that have been canned or bottle-preserved, you’ll even notice that those that have been preserved for a long time are too sweet and some have even become soggy and have lost their real firm texture. Similarly, when adding them to any recipe, the flavour of the entire dish tastes better.
  • Health Benefits – Fresh ingredients retain more nutritional value as compared to processed food wherein the nutrients break down along with the other good stuff like vitamins and anti-oxidants. Any food that has been exposed to chemicals like preservatives and dangerous pesticides can become harmful carcinogens and will even be harder to digest.
  • Community Benefits – Fresh ingredients can be readily obtained from farmers and this strengthens support to local agricultural communities which is also important in maintaining business relationships.

With all the things that we mentioned, some might think that fresh ingredients are costly as compared to processed ones; but in the long run, our body and our overall health matters more. Our body can be damaged by low-quality food and eventually we will pay much more in medicines and/or treatments.

Hearty Health understands the importance of using fresh ingredients in ready-made meal manufacturing. Our professional chefs will not do shortcuts and sacrifice the quality of the food that we supply. We believe that health is wealth and this is one of the reasons why we have existed for so many years, providing high quality and ready meals not just for Australians but also internationally. For more tips and advice from the chefs in the Hearty Health kitchen, feel free to contact us.

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