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Stress Eating: Here’s 3 Tips On How To Tame Nervous Cravings

June 17, 2021

Whether you’re on a diet or cutting back on “empty” food that doesn’t hold any nutritional value, let’s face it: even the best of us has succumbed to stress eating by snacking on a bag of chips or more than the recommended amount of chocolate bars from time to time. Food, after all, offers comfort; the problem is, the ones we consider comfort food are often the unhealthy ones. So what do we do in order to tame these nervous cravings so that we don’t end up in a downward spiral of emotional eating? 


1. Identify your triggers. 

Is it just stress? What if it’s boredom? Is it just a habit at this point, something that you’ve become used to as a child? Whatever it is, looking for patterns that trigger your stress eating can help you figure out what steps to take in order to address any issues you have head on. If you’re stressed out or bored out of your mind, find activities to relax you, or else keep you occupied. If it’s a childhood habit, then perhaps it’s time to reassess by choosing to eat healthier. 


2. Practice mindful eating. 

As the complete opposite of emotional eating where we respond to what we’re feeling or circumstances, mindful eating can be as simple as savoring your food. Try not to do anything else while eating: instead of watching TV or using your phone, pay attention to every bite and chew your food slowly. It’s not just because you want to be aware of when you start to feel full, it’s also a great way to really enjoy good food. 


3. Remove the temptation. 

We’re not saying throw out or give away every food item you think will become an invitation for you to overeat. But hiding temptation from plain sight, like keeping them in a cupboard or the pantry, can do wonders! In this case, it’s better to be safe by following the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” 


A snack or treat whenever we’re stressed out is understandable as long as we don’t overindulge each time. However, it may become unhealthy in the long run if we resort to eating instead of addressing the root cause of whatever stressful issues we face. These are just some of the steps that have helped us tame our nervous little cravings. What have you tried? 

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