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Secretly Unhealthy Health Foods

November 17, 2021

With all the marketing gimmicks and health claims to promote food products, it is easy to get confused which ones are healthy and which ones are actually just unhealthy in disguise.

Basically, unhealthy means it contributes to malnutrition and the development of a wide range of diseases.

So which food should you actually add more on your diet and which ones should you watch for?


Here are 5 secretly unhealthy health foods that you can still consume, but strictly in moderation.



1. Salad Dressing


Vegetables are unquestionably healthy but let’s admit it, they’re usually bland in taste. Thanks to salad dressing, they make everything in salad palatable.

Unfortunately however, most commercialized salad dressings are loaded with saturated fat, calories, sodium, and added sugar, along with various artificial chemicals. Many of these grocery store favorites are high in fructose corn syrup or inflammatory vegetable oils.

Dressing your salad may just produce more downside than benefit to your health.



2. Fruit Juices


Fruit juices are supposed to contain the same exact goodness as whole fruit if it’s not for its added sugar, flavor and coloring.

“Consumers think of juice as a healthy alternative to soft drinks, but even 100 percent fresh fruit juices contain a large amount of sugar that’s inconsistent with a healthy diet,” shares Alexandra Jones, a food policy researcher at The George Institute of Global Health.

Aside from that, juicing fruits strips out the fiber in them and even if they come with pulps, they are still less beneficial than eating whole fruits.



3. Processed Breakfast Cereals


Processed cereals are among the most conventional breakfast meals that are easy and convenient to prepare. Anyhow, they are also among the most popular processed foods that are high in added sugars.

A day started with a high-sugar breakfast may spike your blood sugar and insulin levels, making your body crave for more high-carb meal or snack for the rest of the day

Not surprisingly, this potentially vicious cycle of overeating can lead to obesity and other chronic diseases.



4. Vegan Junk Foods


Vegan diet has been increasingly popular as an environment-friendly, nutrition trend.

Unfortunately, these are still highly processed, factory made products that contain high amounts of salt, sugar, saturated fat, and additives. Health-wise, there’s still little point in moving from a processed meat-based diet to a primarily processed vegan diet.



5. Fat Free Flavored Yogurt


“Fat free” has been overused as a buzzword for the food industry. However, it is not actually fat that makes us fat but sugar.

The bad news is, most flavored yogurt packs contain 26 grams of sugar in just one little cup. It is easy to think of yogurt as a healthy food with all its microbes beneficial to our gut health. However, added sugar and processing can make yogurt unhealthy.

To maximize its benefits and decrease its cons, experts suggest opting for yogurts that are less in sugar and additives.




There is really no need to be guilty about enjoying your favorite treats on occasions. Almost everything in moderation can pass the picture of a healthy, balanced diet. What is important is to reduce the consumption of the foods listed above and to add more healthy foods to your diet.


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