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How to Improve Your Gut Health

July 25, 2018

Gut health is an important factor that can determine how we feel, strengthen our immune system and improve our energy levels.  Unfortunately, your gut can easily become upset or inflamed from bad eating habits, stress and even lack of sleep, which can cause overall tension and illness in the rest of your body. 

The gut’s main role is to regulate digestion, increase absorption of nutrients and keep things moving! Home to almost 100 trillion microorganisms, these ‘microbiota’ help us fight off nasty bugs in our body by strengthening our immune system.

An unhappy gut can lead to a host of health problems, including stomach aches, issues with absorption of vitamins and minerals, sleep disturbances, food intolerances and even skin irritations. 

That’s why we need to ensure a wholesome diet to give our gut health the best chance to make us feel great.  Avoiding sugar, including any soft drinks/juices and processed foods, is a key part of this. Of course, everyone is different, with specific intolerances to natural properties like gluten, dairy or fructose and that can have a large effect on which diet works best for you.

3 simple ways to improve your gut health:

1. Reduce Processed Foods

Processed foods and food containing excessive sugar can easily compromise your gut health, which is why we recommend bringing pre-prepared food from home. While time-consuming to meal prep, it is an effective, simple and fresh way to ensure everything you consume has the right benefit for your body and gut. 

2. Avoid overuse of antibiotics and introduce probiotics

It’s natural to head to your GP for a course of antibiotics when you’re ill. Unfortunately, as well as killing the virus in your system, antibiotics can also kill your good gut flora.

It’s imperative you incorporate probiotics into your diet, which can be without the use of more pills. Try munching on yoghurt, pickles and even sauerkraut to your daily intake to get your gut back in top form.

3. Add some of these foods to your daily diet

  • Homemade stock in your bolognese and soups
  • Salmon with green leafy vegetables
  • Blueberries as a snack or in a muffin
  • Chia seeds and/or walnuts in a muffin or porridge is filling and ticks all the boxes for optimum health
  • Beetroot dip is a popular option that Hearty Health make as a snack option and tastes delicious with fresh celery and carrot sticks
  • Sweet potato as a mash or by itself as a side to chicken or steak
  • Turmeric and ginger in a mild curry is great for winter and gives a big immune boost

Hearty Health specialise in creating fresh seasonal ready-made meals made by professional chefs for the community. We’re working closely with Meals on Wheels Victoria to provide delicious ready-made meals.  For more information, contact Hearty Health here.

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