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Gallbladder Diet Sheet: 6 Foods & Drinks for Gallbladder Health

July 3, 2022

Most of us never really give a thought on our gallbladder health until symptoms of problems manifest.

Gallstones, particularly, affect 10 percent of the general Australian population with the majority remaining symptom-free.

However, when symptoms arise, gallstones can cause intense pain in the upper right part of the abdomen, radiating to your back and up to your shoulder blade which can be quite uncomfortable and recurring. In this case, treatment may be required such as surgery.

While your diet won’t really cure gallbladder diseases, watching what you eat will help prevent gallstones from forming and avoid the discomfort inherent with the problem.

Here are 6 foods and drinks to help your gallbladder steer clear from health problems.


1. Caffeinated Coffee


Studies reveal men who drink two to three cups of coffee a day have 4 percent lower risk of developing gallstones than those who do not drink coffee regularly. Even more impressive, men who drink four or more cups of coffee a day have 45 percent lower risk.

Nonetheless, this lowered risk is only associated in coffee with caffeine which is known to stimulate contractions in the gallbladder and lower cholesterol concentrations in bile. However, researchers note coffee is of no help if you already have gallstones disease.


2. Alcohol


If you are looking for a health-reason to drink beer, this could be your sign!

Clinical epidemiological studies revealed that moderate alcohol consumption has a preventive effect on the development of gallstones disease. In fact, it can significantly decrease your risk by up to 12 percent. Yes, alcohol!

Although the exact process is not clear, some suggest alcohol works by reducing bile cholesterol saturation and increasing good cholesterol levels to reduce your risk of gallstone conditions.

Something else to take note, nevertheless, drinking alcohol can make the problem worse if you already have existing health conditions so always remember to drink moderately.


3. Peanuts


According to a study in Harvard Medical School, curbing gallstones in women is as simple as reaching and munching peanuts at home daily.

Researchers followed 81,000 women for 20 years and found out women who ate 5 or more ounces of peanuts, peanut butter or other nuts in a week were 25 percent less likely to have their gallbladder removed through surgery than those women who rarely ate peanuts.

Peanuts are a good source of fiber, calcium, and protein. The healthy monounsaturated fats found in peanuts and other nuts also helps control blood cholesterol and prevents gallstones and the need for a gallbladder surgery.


4. Whole Grains


Whole grains are super packed with fiber which lowers your LDL or bad cholesterol levels. Fiber also speeds intestinal transit time and assists in decreasing the production of bile acids and flushing bile from your body.

Consumption of insoluble fiber, especially, is associated with up to 17 percent lowered chance of gallbladder surgery.


5. Fruits & Greens


We already know how fresh produce helps us stay healthy and protects our body from a range of diseases. For starters, load your diet with fruits and vegetables. They are rich in vitamins including C and E, both shown to help protect the body from gallbladder conditions. Most fruits and veggies are also high in water and fiber to help you stay full and maintain a healthy weight.



A change in your diet won’t get rid of gallstones that are already there but eating healthy and limiting high-fat foods may help ease the symptoms. It may also prevent more serious conditions and complications.

Even so, prevention is still better than cure so it’s important to monitor your diet and live a healthy lifestyle.

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