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COVID-19 – Adapting is Surviving and Thriving

May 18, 2020

The current COVID-19 climate has only served to remind us just how important the safety and health of our community is, especially during the COVID-19 climate we’re currently facing. But it’s more important than ever for food preparation businesses to implement and adapt our business strategies to survive this pandemic and protect their communities – we are, after all, handling people’s food.

Here are some ways we’re adapting our business-as-usual practices:

1. Hands-off approach

We know it’s important that you stay in touch with yourteam, but technology has enabled new ways to communicate. We’ve paused allface-to-face and in-office meetings, for now, to ensure everyone abides by the1.5-metre rule and to limit any possibilities of community transition. A newsupplier delivery policy will also ensure food supplies are handled andtransferred in a hygienic, non-contact and safe way. This includes asking ourdelivery drivers to use hand sanitiser before and after deliveries are made.

2. Hygiene stations

You can never be too hygienic, so we have added hygiene stations at the entrance of our facility as well as every desk and bathroom to both remind and keep our employees safe. We are also doubling down on disinfectant cleaning across the Hearty Health head Office.

3. Work from home policies

It’s important to stay flexible during a crisis, which iswhy a new work from the home policy has been implemented to allow staff to workremotely, which ensures that anyone who is susceptible to the virus or maybecarrying it will be able to manage their health in an isolated and safeenvironment.

4. Understanding

At a time like this, understanding of the situation and for your employees is critical. Keeping our team members and customers safe from harm by providing up to date information on the ways they can help prevent exposure. That’s why we’ve requested that any team member who feels unwell remains at home, and we’ve encouraged our customers to do the same.

5. Adapting your business model

Hearty Health has changed our internal business model swiftly and being able to adapt to the times is imperative to business survival. Hearty Health is proud to partner with Meals on Wheels Victoria to continue supplying and delivering healthy, nutritious and delicious ready-made meals to the community, especially those impacted by COVID-19.

We don’t yet know when the pandemic will be over, and ourlives and businesses will function as they did before. However, it’s extremelyimportant that the food industry looks at the ways they can support their staffand customers against COVID-19 and is prepared for possible future pandemics.

For more information on how we’re ensuring your health and safety, please feel free to get in touch.

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