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Benefits of Broccoli: Get to Know the Surprising Superpowers Behind One of Our Favourite Ingredients

February 17, 2021

Benefits of broccoli

You may have resolved to live a healthier and fuller life this year. If the year 2020 taught us anything, it is that our health is our most valuable asset. 

The fastest way to up your overall well-being? Through your stomach.

Today we’re going to dedicate a post all to the powerful life-changing benefits of broccoli. The often unsung hero of the vegetable world but one of our favourites to work with at Hearty Health HQ.


Broccoli is rich in fibre.  So rich that it actually helps heal a troubled gut by helping waste move through your body smoothly. 

We know it’s not a pretty thought but it’s true.

Not eating enough fibre can cause constipation and chronic inflammations. 

It’s so powerful that 1 cup of broccoli a day will put you almost halfway through the adult recommended daily intake of vegetables.


Going vegetarian or vegan can leaving you wondering where you can pack in the protein in your post-meat eating life.

But did you know that one cup of broccoli is 2.5 grams of protein? Incredible and you won’t feel sluggish after eating it.

Vitamins A, C, E and K

While cooking broccoli can enhance their antioxidant levels, eating them raw will give you more vitamin C and sulforaphane nutrients but whichever way you opt to eat it, broccoli will give you a ton of healthy nutrients to keep you healthy and happy.


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