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Beat The Bloat With These 3 Foods

November 24, 2021

Let’s face it! Belly bloat is one of our most common complaints and we’ve all had those moments where debloating gets into our nerves.

While it is not usually a sign of a serious health problem, belly bloat often crushes the dream to look our best and is, more frequently than not, uncomfortable.

Whether you want to rock a dress for a big event or simply want to feel better about yourself when you look at the mirror, there are a few hacks to get rid of those excess volume in your midsection.


Here are three foods to help you beat the bloat the fastest and healthiest way possible.



1. Banana


This sweet, satiating taste fruit is probably sent to earth from the heavens for depuffing belly bloat. In fact, eating a banana before a meal could decrease bloating by 50% according to studies.

Bananas are rich in  potassium, a mineral that can help counteract bloating caused by our questionable food choices such as take outs and frozen meals. This fruit also contains prebiotic fiber which helps to regulate intestinal gas metabolism and improve digestion.

Make sure, however, that you skip the unripen bananas as they have high levels of resistant starch and can actually cause constipation.



2. Watermelon


Bloating can be caused by water retention, a mechanism our body does when it suspects dehydration. Interestingly, the way to reduce excess water from our body is to drink more and eat water-rich food. Since watermelon is 92% water, it helps fight dehydration and combat bloating.

Watermelons can also act as a natural diuretic which helps flush out excess fluid from the body, particularly sodium.

The best part, this summer staple is available all year round.



3. Ginger


Since ancient times, ginger has been a popular home remedy, easily found in our kitchen. It has been used as an alternative medicine to treat common ailments such as colds and flu.

Not surprisingly, this spice also has a very long history of use as a potent digestive aid.

Ginger is a carminative which is an herb that helps soothe the digestive tract and expel gas. It also thins blood and improves circulation which further alleviates bloating.

According to a 2018 study, ginger may also support weight loss by suppressing lipogenesis, a metabolic process that contributes to the storage of fat, and by inhibiting intestinal fat absorption.




Even with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, being bloated after a meal is an experience shared by many of us occasionally. The good news, however, is that we can always reduce and eliminate it if it’s not an indication of a more serious problem.

Visit your local market now and don’t let bloating ruin your big day!


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