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8 Kitchen-Essential Spices Every Home Cook Should Have

May 24, 2022

Spice collection has been one of the kitchen trends in today’s mainstream.

It’s fair to be overwhelmed with this new culinary craze as spices are not only crucial elements in many recipes but are also aesthetically pleasing to have in the pantry.

You can store them in cute jars with pretty labels and the good news is they can last a while when stowed correctly.

Here’s a list of spices you should have in the pantry.


1. Turmeric


Turmeric is a bright yellow powder that is used to color or flavor curry powders, mustards, butters and cheeses. Despite its warm, bitter taste, it is a popular ingredient in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes.

Loved for its versatility and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric can be a healthy addition to your average soup, fried rice, salad dressing or tea.


2. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is most commonly known as a spice and aromatic condiment sprinkled to toast or lattes. But cinnamon isn’t just for dessert! It is also a staple ingredient in many savory dishes like vegetable soup, Moroccan stew and curry. It’s distinctive spicy-sweet taste also mixes well with many other beverages.

Not to mention, its active ingredient cinnamaldehyde helps with obesity, digestive discomfort and diabetes. It’s basically a medicine found in your kitchen.


3. Oregano


Oregano is a kitchen game changer in Italian cuisines. From meat marinades to stuffings, you simply can’t go wrong with its bold sweet and spicy taste. It’s also an ideal seasoning for pasta and pizza for its strong flavor, often overpowering the delicate taste of cheese.


4. Smoked Paprika


If you are a vegetarian looking to simulate the smokiness that meat can bring to a dish, smoked paprika can do the assignment.

Smoked paprika are made from peppers that are smoked and dried over oak fires. This process is responsible for its signature rich, smoky flavor with a hint of fruitiness.

Ultimately, smoked paprika is perfect for anything barbeque as it enriches further the flavor of any meat. You ought not to miss this spice from your kitchen rack, whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover.


5. Granulated Garlic


Garlic is a major flavoring ingredient to many recipes. While fresh garlic cloves are not subject to rival, it is always good to have an accessible version in a jar.

Granulated garlic are made from dehydrated garlic that are coarser in texture than garlic powder. It is the preferred substitute to fresh garlic as it is less likely to clump in soups compared to powder.


6. Bay Leaves


Bay leaves have more noticeable fragrance than taste which makes it a popular spice for marinating, pickling and stuffing. It has a floral, herbaceous aroma similar to oregano and thyme and a bitter, minty flavor which goes well in soups, stews and sauces.


7. Crushed Red Pepper Flakes


Crushed red pepper flakes are most often produced from dried and pulverized cayenne-type peppers. They’re nearly in every pizza parlor and are used by food manufacturers as a star add-on in pickling blends, spaghetti sauces, chowders and sausages.


8. Black Peppercorns


If you are a home cook, you probably know how annoying it is to run out of black peppercorns while cooking.

Black peppercorns are used in many cuisines and are one of the most well-loved spices on the planet. Its characteristic spicy heat taste adds flavor to almost every recipe, surprisingly even on desserts like fudge brownies, chocolate truffles, tarts and ice cream.




Collecting spices can be a fun way to spice up your kitchen. Just be sure to use them as moisture and light can reduce their flavor and aroma over time. If you are not sure how to incorporate them into your cooking, experiment and you’ll find how versatile spices are in almost every cuisine.

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