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6 Life-Changing Hobbies To Start In Your 20s & Thrive In Your 30s

May 2, 2022

Starting new hobbies requires no certain age but is particularly important when you are in your 20s. It’s your gateway to a successful adulting and helps in establishing your career, health, identity and relationships to set yourself up for your 30s.

If you are still contemplating on what specific and wholesome hobby to get yourself into, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of 6 hobbies you should start today in your 20s to hack your way to a victorious 30s.


1. Reading


Not reading in your 20s (or practically at any age) could be the biggest mistake you’d make if you want lifelong success.

Reading expands your immediate world — your perspectives, knowledge and interpretation of things. It also literally boosts intelligence and relieves stress which makes it an entertaining pastime good for your brain and mental health.

Visit your nearest bookstore or download an e-book. Take it from me, good books are everywhere and you can even read one for free.


2. Vlogging/Blogging


We all have favorite vloggers or bloggers we’ve been following for years and at some point, we’ve all been intrigued to try out creating interesting content ourselves.

For anyone in their 20s, this is a fun hobby to consider. It gives you something to look back, pokes the creative bones in you, and even helps you to connect with different kinds of audiences.  Plus, you can also monetize it in the long run.

Try it today and see where it takes you.


3. Dancing


You don’t have to be good at dancing to make it a hobby. It requires zero talent. Just move your body freely and joyfully to a song you love.

Dancing in your leisure is an effective form of physical activity that promotes a sound mind and body. If you are in your 20s, dancing is a good ecstatic release after a long week at school or work. It is an expressive way to achieve mental clarity and emotional stability that are both essential tools for better performance and productivity when you are back in the grindstone..


4. Growing House Plants


Planting seeds and watching it grow is metaphorical to starting a business which is why many young entrepreneurs find this hobby uniquely rewarding. Houseplants also give you a sense of accountability by caring for another living thing. It’s an all-encompassing hobby especially for women in their 20s.


5. Journaling


Your 20s can be extremely busy. Journaling is an incredible way to input, track and reflect on your goals and basically just document your day. And it is not just for 10-year old girls.

Particularly if you are very visual and tend to forget your to-dos easily, journaling can be very perky. You’d be surprised by how useful and therapeutic it is to just put everything — your thoughts, tasks and goals — into a paper.


6. Practicing Mindfulness


Your 20s is probably the best time to start meditation, yoga and positive affirmation. The transition to adulthood can be harrowing and it is the time when our mind wanders a lot due to so many things going on simultaneously.

Practicing mindfulness can help you manage stress, improve focus, and increase your sense of well-being.




In between the hustle and bustles of your 20s, it is also important to take some time off from the demands of life and just enjoy a spare time that is not only fun but is also wholesome. Consider trying out one from our suggestion list and see how one hobby can change your life dramatically.



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