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5 Ways to Thrive After Retirement

December 14, 2021

Life after retirement is no longer a time for quiet days sitting at your balcony while watching the rest of the world move forward. It is now redefined as the age for thriving.

Most of us envision a happy, wealthy and healthy retirement. But it doesn’t end with wishful thinking. You have to figure out means to make this transition in your life as a spring of new opportunities and bliss.

Follow our tips for an exciting adventure that awaits you after your retirement.



1. Change your mindset about aging.


It is normal to feel a sense of worry and fear when you first approach retirement. We associate this new phase in our lives to aging but it could turn out to be really as invigorating as your youth or even more.

In an interesting research about retirement, Dr. Becca Levy of Yale University found out that when older individuals  think of getting old as a positive experience, they function at a higher level, eat and exercise more and live 7.5 years longer.



2. Bring out all the things you put down on your bucket list.


Life after retirement comes with more freedom.

If you missed a lot of things you’ve always wanted to do during your pre-retirement, it is now the time to get the momentum going and tick all the boxes from your bucket list.

If you don’t have one yet or already run out of things to check off, just make a whole new one! Book that trip, visit new restaurants, write a book, make your own TikTok channel – you own the world this time.



3. Spend your money (wisely)!


If you want a good retirement, you have to plan a reasonable budget  and stick with it to make your savings last. Experts revealed, however, that today’s retirees aren’t spending enough.

Remember that you spent nearly a lifetime working, saving and investing. It is time to use your hard-earned assets. Even so, make sure you align your spending levels to your finances and goals.

Yes, money can buy us happiness but we still have to live within our means.



4. Watch your health.


Health is still wealth even after reaching a certain age. Who wanted to spend every penny of their savings for hospital bills and maintenance medications anyway?

Focus on your fitness and diet. Enrol yourself in an exercise program or meditation class. Keep your mind and body healthy so you can make the most out of your time after retirement.



5. Make your dream business into reality.


If you are looking for a sign to start that business you’ve always had a heart for, then this is it!

Now that your employment journey is over, you can be your own boss. Consider utilizing your career experience to establish a consulting firm. If you have an existing part-time business, expand it. Life after retirement is a good opportunity to do what you love full-time!

Plus, earning a little extra money aside from your savings can help you afford the life you fancy for you and your family’s future.




Life begins at retirement. If you let go of all your self-limiting beliefs and start to embrace this new reality in your life, everything will start to fall into place. Do not let fear of the unknown hold you back and slay your retirement years with the help of our tips above.

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