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5 Health & Wellness Instagram Influencers You Should Be Following in 2023

January 20, 2023

It’s time to put your health in the hands of the pros.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to work out or a diet to help you lose weight, these Instagram influencers have got you covered. They’re all about health and wellness and want you to be too.

While they may have different focuses, they all share a common goal: helping others achieve better overall health by offering advice and tips on everything from exercise to diet.

So who are they? Let’s find out!


1. Kayla Itsines


Followers: 15.3M
Username: @kayla_itsines
View profile: https://www.instagram.com/kayla_itsines/

You may know Kayla from her Bikini Body Guides, which are workout programs that help you get in shape for summer by following a program of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The guides have been a huge success—the first guide reached number one on Amazon’s best-selling book list in Australia and New Zealand.

On Instagram, she also slays the fitness world. Her account features lots of workout tips, recipes for healthy foods like smoothies and salads, motivational quotes about staying fit, pictures of her adorable dogs and family members, and many other things that might be useful for someone who is trying to eat well and exercise regularly.


2. Lily Kunin Doran


Followers: 99.6K
Username: @lilydoran
View profile: https://www.instagram.com/lilydoran/

Also known as Clean Food Dirty City, Lily Kunin Doran is a plant-based cook and holistic health coach. Nonetheless, she’s not just about eating healthy—she’s also about finding the balance between your body and mind and making sure you’re feeling good from both ends. Her experience with chronic migraine, vertigo, and skin problems lead her to a health-oriented path.

With a massive following on social media, her feed is full of fresh, colourful recipes that are easy to make and look absolutely delicious. If you’re looking for some healthy inspiration in the kitchen or just want to get inspired by someone who loves what she does (and does it well), you should definitely check her account!


3. Amanda (Meixner) Rocchio


Followers: 1.4M
Username: @meowmeix
View profile: https://www.instagram.com/meowmeix/

Since rising to fame online, Amanda (Meixner) Rocchio, who goes by @MeowMeix on Instagram, regularly shares healthy recipes, advice, and tips with her whooping 1.4 million followers. What we love about this meal prep maven and nutrition guru is her authenticity and how she’s not only about inspiration. She also posts informative and interesting health facts which her followers are obviously fond of.

Visit her profile to become a bigger fan than we are.


4. Kevin Curry


Followers: 1.6M
Username: @fitmencook
View profile: https://www.instagram.com/fitmencook/

In an era full of follow-worthy health and wellness accounts on Instagram, this influencer stands out. Kevin Curry is the founder of Fit Men Cook, an Instagram account that documents his lifestyle and offers mouthwatering recipes for you to try out. He’s sure to have you drooling.

His recipes are simple and easy to make, but they’re also packed with tons of flavour—and he makes them look so good you’ll want to lick your screen. If you love food and want to get in shape, this is the guy for you.


5. Sally O’Neil


Followers: 91.6K
Username: @thefitfoodieblog
View profile: https://www.instagram.com/thefitfoodieblog/

Sally O’Neil is a nutritionist who helps women better understand flexible dieting. She promotes workable evidence-based advice as the key to changing minds and bodies.

Flexible dieting is all about finding a sustainable way to eat that works for your life, whether that means eating vegan or paleo or some combination of the two. You can find her on Instagram at @sally_oneill, where she shares recipes and tips for making healthy eating fit your lifestyle.



There’s no shortage of Instagram accounts you could follow. Hence, if you are looking for a little motivation to get back on the wagon after the holiday season, along with some healthy recipes and workout tips, we think these Instagrammers will prove to be invaluable resources.

You may also want to visit our Instagram page to make sure you’re not missing out on health and wellness tips and trends this 2023.


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