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5 Fitness Apps to Help You Get In Shape

April 2, 2022

Consistency and discipline are two of the most important elements in getting and staying in shape. This is where technology can help. So if you are looking for a virtual training partner to keep you going whatever your fitness goal is, look no further than your smartphone.

Here, we listed 5 of the best fitness apps you should download today on your device.


1. MyFitnessPal


A fitness app legend worthy of a premium subscription!

MyFitnessPal boasts a library of 350 cardio and strength sessions. It records exercise stats and logs caloric intake. It also allows you to integrate the app with other devices and platforms so you can sync your workouts easily.


  • Huge database of more than 11 million foods
  • Tracks caloric intake and physical activity
  • Offers customization based on health goals
  • User friendly and easy to navigate


  • Requires an upgrade to premium package to use full range of features


2. Openfit


Led by certified trainers, Openfit provides live classes and on-demand classes that they claim to be ‘always available on your schedule’. Aside from a 15 to 40 minutes workout, they also have personalized nutrition programs and an interactive community to make your fitness journey fun and holistic.


  • Personal feedbacks from trainers are available on on-camera option
  • Allows you to join an active community of users with similar goals
  • Fun live classes that helps you go social
  • 100% money-back guarantee within first 14 days of all plans


  • Less individual attention and sense of motivation on on-demand classes


3. Seven


Looking for a fitness tool for quick workouts? Seven could be the right app for you.

Seven gives 7-minute workouts daily that are hard to skip. Workouts are based on scientific studies that are tailored to target your goal areas and provide maximum benefits in the shortest time possible.


  • Allows you to choose from 12 different instructors
  • Creates workout plans that caters your needs and preferences
  • Gives high-intensity, no equipment-based exercises
  • Effective exercises that are easy to make time for and to sustain


  • Limited workouts available for unlocked version


4. Nike Training Club


Nike Training Club gives professional workout plans but minus the hefty price. With over 190 free workouts from strength, yoga, endurance and mobility, their goal is to help you see and feel results. They also offer personal plans whether you have access to the gym or training from the comfort of your home.


  • Minimal workout equipment required for most workout
  • Workouts led by world-class Nike Master Trainers
  • Recommends routines specific for your fitness level


  • Occasional and minor glitches on some feature


5. Strava


If you enjoy friendly competitions and get inspiration from a sense of social connection, this app is designed for you. With Strava, you get to do workout challenges with other users and even follow your friends’ fitness activities. It’s described by its community as ‘social media for people who want to be active’.


  • Healthy competition within the community keeps users motivated
  • Free monthly challenges that are fun and interactive
  • Live feedbacks to help you analyze your performance and trainings
  • Excellent social functionality


  • Limited features on free version





Installing fitness apps on your smartphone is a great way to take advantage of technology. To help you stay accountable and get in shape efficiently, download these apps and watch yourself reap the results.


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