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5 Breathing Exercises That Will Help Your Fussy Little One Relax

March 3, 2023

Let’s face it: raising kids can be more than just challenging. Between the whining and complaining and the constant tug-of-war between you and your spouse on who has to put them to bed or hush them from crying, getting a moment’s peace around a child can seem impossible.

You see, even our favourite little humans can also have bouts of anxiety, and their frustrations can also come to the surface. It’s no fun when tempers flare, and people get angry, but while it might be distressing for you to see your child in a heated situation, imagine how difficult it is for them to deal with these emotions.

So the next time you are tempted to leave your kids self-regulate their feelings alone, give them a little hand and help them cope with some breathing exercises instead.


Breathing Exercises & How They Work For Your Kids


Breathing exercises have been used by many cultures for centuries to help people relax and recover from stressful situations.

While breathing exercises are often thought of as being used in yoga, they can be taught in other ways as well. In fact, teaching your kids how to do breathing exercises can help them manage stress and anxiety, which is particularly helpful if your child has a condition like anxiety disorder or hyperactivity.

Breathing exercises can be done anywhere, anytime—even while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office! They’re also a great way to encourage mindfulness in your child, so they’ll be able to focus more easily on tasks later on in life.

Here are some easy breathing exercises to teach to your fussy little ones.


1. Smelling Flowers


Have your child imagine they are smelling a flower, taking in the scent deeply through their nose and blowing it out through their mouth. It’s easy for children to learn this technique, and it’s a good starting point for them. Plus, most kids love flowers, so they’ll most likely enjoy it.


2. Blow Out Candle


Let your child blow out the candles on a make-believe birthday cake. Ask him to inhale deeply through his mouth, then exhale forcefully through his mouth as well.


3. The Bunny Breath


Encourage your child to inhale three times quickly through the nose and exhale once thoroughly through the mouth, just like a tiny bunny sniffing in the garden.


4. The Snake Hiss


Tell your little one to breathe in deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth while making a gentle, low hissing sound, imitating a snake sound.


5. Shoulder Roll Breath


Have your child sit comfortably and breathe deeply as they roll the shoulders up toward the ears on an inhale, then drop them back down on an exhale. Not only does this exercise help your kids relax, but it is also a great way to loosen tight muscles and ease tension in them.


Key Takeaway


Breathing exercises are a great way to help children relax and let go of their anger or anxiety. This can be especially helpful when they’re trying to calm down after a tantrum or if they’re angry about something their sibling did (or didn’t do).

Remember that as parents, we can only do so much for our little ones. Thus, it would not hurt to equip them with the right coping skills that they can use now or later in life. Pair it with a proper diet and an active lifestyle for optimal benefits on their holistic health game plan.

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