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3 Ways to Stay Trim Throughout The Holiday Season

December 14, 2021

So it’s a week before the most beautiful time of the year and you are browsing on the internet for tips to keep that post-holiday weight gain at bay.

But before you try any drastic measures and fast yourself during Christmas eve, there are actually things you can do to enjoy that holiday buffet without adding extra pounds.

Try out these three tips to keep in shape throughout the holidays.



1. Plan your workout sessions in advance.


It’s especially more difficult to find time to exercise during the holidays than throughout any other time of the year.

Between social gatherings, shopping, and travel, it can be extra challenging to squeeze your workout routine in your hectic schedule.

Although it can be tempting to ditch your fitness goals during the holidays, it’s still important to stay motivated and stick with your workout routine.

“Fitness is all about consistency and it can be challenging during the holiday season. That’s why planning and booking your classes in advance is so important,” Megan Roup, trainer and founder of The Sculpt Society says. “Planning will allow you to relax, knowing you’ve got your workout scheduled in and you don’t have to overthink the day of.”



2. Be picky with your drinks.


When you are in a festive mood, it’s easy to get carried away with drinking. But alcohol actually contains calories and can cause bloating.

Cocktails mixed with soda, juice, cream, or ice cream can have especially high calorie counts. As a general rule, drinks with higher alcohol percentage carry more calories.

Choose water or calorie-free drinks and if you drink alcoholic beverages, keep it in moderation.



3. Watch your portion sizes.


You don’t have to completely deprive yourself from your favorite holiday treats but you certainly have to take caution with your portion.

It’s easiest to overeat during the holidays. The display of goodies and savory dishes may momentarily feel overwhelming and portion control can be a struggle.

Try to eat slowly and try to savor every bite so you still get to pay attention with your hunger signal. You can also try to use smaller plates so it will trick your mind that you are eating more than you actually are. This way, you’ll save room for desserts!



To keep that additional few pounds away from your waistline, it’s important to have a fitness  game plan before the holiday season kicks in. Follow these tips and slay the end of the year in good shape.

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