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3 Ways To Maintain Your Heart Health

May 4, 2021

Undoubtedly the most crucial organ of the body, keeping our hearts in tiptop shape is paramount to good health. Having a steady supply of oxygen-rich blood is important to our continued survival, and with such a big and vital task, it’s only right to give our hearts the proper care it deserves. 

But what are some of the ways you can maintain heart health? Aside from eating right and proper exercise, two of the most popular pieces of advice out there, what other steps can you take to give back to your hardworking heart?


1. Get enough sleep.

Fond of sleeping late or pulling all-nighters? That’s bad for your heart! A study showed that there’s a correlation between increased risk of heart disease and less than 6 hours of sleep a night on a regular basis. Not only that, but poor sleep can also increase the risk of obesity, weight gain, and chronic inflammation – factors that lead to the same thing: an increased risk of heart disease. Therefore, it’s important you get good quality sleep to recharge your body, including your heart. 


2. Start laughing!

Find something funny? Then laugh out loud! Research suggests that laughter has the effect of causing the tissue that forms the inner lining of blood vessels – called the endothelium – to expand, which allows better blood flow. This is in contrast to stress, which has the opposite effect and constricts blood flow instead. We’re not saying to laugh for no reason of course, but the next time you do so, really feel it in every inch of your being!


3. Find healthy stress-relieving activities.

Stress has long been known to increase the risk of heart disease, so managing it is key. And the good news is, there’s no shortage of activities that you can do to reduce stress and ultimately reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease too! You have the option to exercise, play with a pet, take a nap, meditate , or listen to music – it’s a long list that can easily be looked up through a Google search. All you have to do is make your pick! 


While the rest of the organs in your body are equally important, your heart plays a huge role in the function of all of them and deserves special care. And it’s never too late to start caring more! Give your heart more than just love and you’re going to find yourself living a long and happy life! 


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