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3 Ways To Get Moving Each Morning

March 31, 2021

It’s easy to picture the perfect rise and shine scenario: wake up early, don our best workout clothes, and start the day right with exercise. The thing though is, that seems possible only when we’re not in that very moment itself, helplessly blinking sleep away from still half-closed eyes while fumbling to turn the alarm off. But if we truly want to make a change in our life, what steps can we take to help ourselves get moving each morning? 


In this list, we have three ways for you to try so you can finally get started on being a better, healthier version of yourself! 


Get a workout buddy. 

There’s something about knowing someone’s waiting to workout with us that gets the lot of us up more effectively than the loudest, most annoying alarm. Whether it’s because we’re accountable for someone else or are simply just looking forward to an enjoyable sweat session with someone else, having a workout buddy is an awesome motivator to get us moving in the morning. 


This is why gym buffs find it relatively easy to keep going back to their chosen gym: they’re surrounded by like-minded people who relate with them and understand their health and fitness goals. By having just a single workout buddy or an entire group of them, you’ll always have the motivation needed to keep going. 


Change it up by turning it into playtime!

You’re not bound to just one type of training or a set of them. So you don’t get bored of working out, enjoy some variation by changing it up! Whether it’s a game of basketball, a tennis match, or a fun round of Frisbee, you’ll appreciate the break in routine. Making your workouts more fun will make you look forward to it even more, so make sure to incorporate some playtime in an otherwise strict, repetitive workout regimen. 


Journey vs. Destination

While it’s always great to imagine the future, especially our future selves, once this workout journey is over, looking too far ahead can make exercising at the moment difficult, if not downright impossible. It’ll make it seem like the target destination is too far, too out of reach – when in reality, that’s not the case. 


Instead of focusing on the end that, more often than not, is not yet in sight, find enjoyment in the journey aspect of what you’re doing. Enjoy the now and immerse yourself in the details of what you’re doing to become healthier. And no, don’t forget the goal – but don’t forget to live in the moment, too. 


Whether you’re a morning person or not, we’re sure you’ll find one or two of these things helpful when it comes to getting past the most challenging part of the day: that is, getting up from bed and facing the day head-on. Forget about the snooze button — we know you can do it! 


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