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3 Plants You NEED To Have By Your Desk To Help Improve Your Work-Life

October 8, 2021

In a previous post, we talked about how indoor plants can help with stress, anxiety and depression. With such amazing benefits, we wanted to help you out with the selection: it’s time to talk about our favorite plants! There are just too many out there, and while you probably have your own preferences, this list is meant to plant—no pun intended!—ideas into your brain so you have a place to start looking.


Without further ado, these are the three plants you absolutely need to have right at your desk as you work from home!


1. Cacti


If you haven’t cared for a plant before and are worried about killing it off, then it’s best to start with one that’s pretty hard to kill: a cactus. They’re low maintenance and need to be watered only once the soil they’re in is dry. Just don’t forget to put them in a sunny spot—these hardy, prickly plants thrive on sunlight just like their larger, desert-dwelling relatives.

Here’s a bonus: they also produce little prickly clumps freely. Having a small, cute pot of this little guy will surely cheer you up while working, especially when it starts growing colorful flowers!


2. Succulents


Plant life doesn’t get any cuter than this! With a wide variety to choose from in unique shapes, sizes, and colors, succulents are not just adorable to look at: they’re great indoors too! Similar to cacti, these little works of art have the ability to retain a lot of water, do fine in dry conditions, and can be cared for only once a week. As always, don’t forget to leave them under natural light!

Once you’re ready to grow your succulent family, it’s also fairly simple to multiply them without having to buy anything by way of propagating, which can be done by cutting off the stem, leaf, or using the seeds of an already mature plant. In no time at all, you can have yourself a cute succulent army!


3. Lucky Bamboo


Don’t want to have to deal with soil? Then this one’s for you! Lucky bamboos can grow and survive in water—just make sure you change the water every 7 (up to 10) days. Unlike the first two in our list, what makes this plant great is the fact that it can survive even with indirect sunlight. However, if you want to make it larger, then by all means—let it thrive in a brightly lit room.

Bonus: aside from buying your own, the lucky bamboo can make a great gift too! In feng shui, a Chinese belief and philosophy, this plant symbolizes good fortune and luck, as well as health, growth, and love.



Work from home doesn’t have to be just four walls and a computer—make it interesting by adding some plant life too!

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