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3 Lockdown Activities To Help Ease Anxiety

October 6, 2021

Cabin fever is a real thing: we’ve seen it in people who have had to stay indoors for too long during the winter, and developing this state of mind is unsurprising, even expected, as we continue to be at the mercy of lockdowns. No matter your age, having to stay at home and even if it’s for your own good can have an impact: a study on children and young people in specific shows an effect on their mental health. The good thing is that there are activities we can do to ease our anxiety, and here are three that we’ve tried for ourselves!


1. Try journaling.


The benefits of journaling are many, and it’s something that people have been encouraged to do even before these lockdown protocols were in place. Isolated and more alone than we’ve ever been, we may have the tendency to come up with worst case scenarios and spiral down into dark, unhelpful thoughts, but writing in a journal can help: it lowers negative rumination and encourages you to be more intentional about your thoughts and writing.

It’s also a great medium to “offload” your thoughts: a study found that expressive writing, which is the type of writing journalers do, allows people with anxiety to free up mental space by way of getting all of their worries down on paper.


2. Workout! Lift some weights or use a boxing bag.


Being on lockdown and able to move around just the rooms in our house can feel very limiting. It can also make us restless, and this energy adds up and accumulates, which can cause us anxiety. That being said, what we can do is spend all of our pent up energy on something useful: exercise! It can be something as simple as lifting weights, or else an entire fitness routine. Hitting a boxing bag is therapeutic—release all your worries and stress onto the bag: you won’t just feel better after, the cardio is great for your health too.


3. Do some art.


You don’t have to be an artist for this one! Art is all about self expression, and it’s perfect for when we’re filled with anxiety and overwhelmed with it because it gives us an avenue to just be. Whether it’s doodling, painting, or sketching, these art activities are known to relieve stress by providing you an outlet, not to mention control.


Times are tough, but we can be tougher! What other activities have been helpful for you during lockdowns? Share it with us by commenting below!

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