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3 High-Protein and Highly Delicious Breakfast Options To Get Your Day Started Right

December 1, 2020
High protein breakfast


Sure, toast is nice and all but wouldn’t your belly benefit from a change of pace—and taste? So in the interests of taking your tastebuds to the next level, here are 3 totally mouth-watering ways to wake up your tummy every morning.


Updated Eggs on Toast

We know, we know, eggs on toast isn’t exactly groundbreaking but eggs do have over 16g of protein per serve, so it’s in all our interests not to ignore them. 

To give our protein pals a little more zing, start with a slice of quality sourdough bread, slightly toast and follow up with a layer of sundried tomato spread. Then poach 2 eggs with white vinegar and layer on top of the bread. Follow up with a dash of tabasco sauce and you’ve got a recipe to relish. 


Bircher Bowl

Make this the night before for a wake-up call worth getting up for. Start with oats and then team them up with a high-protein Greek yoghurt, followed by sliced almonds, dried apricots, and a dash of milk. Perfect.


Brilliant Brekkie Wrap

Adding a wrap to your protein-packed breakfast is a game-changer for those always on the go.

Simply start with a soft wrap, layer on avocado and cream cheese, add a layer of smoked salmon and a few slices of fresh cucumber. Then roll into a one-handed bundle of joy. 

Now that you’ve got breakfast sorted, why not talk to us about lunch, dinner, and dessert?


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