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3 Health Supplements That Actually Make Your Meals Taste Better

August 3, 2021

Health supplements have a bit of a barrier to entry for many people: Taste. 

The general rule being that the worst something tastes, the better it is for you. BUT we’re here to say that that’s not always the case. 

Take these three super delicious superfoods, designed to please your palate as much as promote wellness.



If you feel like you’ve seen this green tea derivative everywhere, it’s for a good reason. Packed with chlorophyll and antioxidants called catechins, Matcha is packed full of benefits that include decreasing cholesterol AND reportedly even help reduce risks of cancer.

Matcha also happens to match (if you will) well with any dairy such as milk or cream. Add a hit of vanilla, and you’ve got a smooth, delicious mix that’s as good for your taste buds as it is for your body.


Chocolate Greens Powder

Packed with kale, broccoli, spinach, acai and goji berries BUT with the extra benefit of rich chocolate flavour, Chocolate Greens Powder is the go-to option for parents looking to introduce kids to the world of health smoothies without any arguments.

Add a scoop to cold water, milk, or to your current smoothie recipe and revel in the energy boost without having to hold your nose.


Maca Powder

Beloved by bodybuilders and athletes, Maca Powder is said to increase strength, promote muscle growth, and improve overall energetic performance. 

The even better news is that it actually has a great earthy nutty taste, with hints of malt and caramel, making it an excellent and easy add-in to shakes and smoothies.


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