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3 Meals, One Ingredient: Get to Know Our Favourite Green Veg, The Zucchini. Here’s Why We Love It So Much

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3 Meals, One Ingredient: Get to Know Our Favourite Green Veg, The Zucchini. Here’s Why We Love It So Much

Zucchini benefits

The humble zucchini may not be very popular as its cucumber comrades but we love putting it on our menus here at Hearty Health. 

Here’s why. 


Zucchini can go in almost any dish. You can whip up a nice grilled basil chicken with charred zucchini or you can add them in your pasta or salad dishes. While some people might like their zucchini as sides, you can make them the main dish. You can try corn and herb-stuffed zucchini or zucchini noodles.

Not only is zucchini an all-around ingredient but it is also rich in nutrients.

High in Fibre

We’ve talked a lot about vegetables being high in fibre and zucchini is up there with broccoli as one of the most stomach-loving veggies around. In fact, one cup of zucchini can deliver 8 grams of good fibre, ensuring your insides stay running smoothly.

Health Benefits of Zucchini

Prevents Cancer 

Did you know that zucchini is also known to prevent cancer? Zucchini contains certain compounds that can put a limit on cancer development. This is why many people prone to cancer are told to eat dark green vegetables such as zucchini.

Prevents and Manages Diabetes

Diabetes is rampant for all ages and can be hard to manage. Researchers have linked zucchini’s vitamin B6 properties and other vitamins to the regulation of blood sugar. These same vitamins can help protect your body from diabetes or manage it.

Great for Eye Health

As you age, your eyesight gets weaker. You can help prevent cataracts or other eye problems with a diet rich in zucchini. Because zucchini contains zeaxanthin and lutein, compounds that keep your eyes healthy, they are the perfect vegetable for healthier eyes.


There are tons of other health benefits that you can get from zucchini but these are our favourites. You can learn more about the best vegetables for better health at heartyhealth.com.au. You can also avail of our ready meals by giving us a call at 1300 728 764 or email us at office@heartyhealth.com.au