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What Goldie Hawn Eats In A Day To Keep Looking Great At 75

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What Goldie Hawn Eats In A Day To Keep Looking Great At 75

Green juice


Actress, producer, dancer, and singer Goldie Jeanne Hawn is 75 years old this year—but she easily looks (and acts) 20 years younger! In fact, she and her daughter—actress and fashion entrepreneur Kate Hudson—both have looks and bodies that could rival those of younger women.

They’re both gorgeous, is what I’m trying to say. Stunningly so.

If there was ever a celebrity diet to model for optimal health and longevity, it’d be Goldie Hawn’s. The woman is all about natural, organic, wholesome health. Here’s what she eats in a day (if you want a cheat sheet of her incredible anti-aging menu).


Green Juice

Goldie Hawn starts her morning with a homemade green juice – celery, kale, parsley, and green peppers, all juiced together into a cup of wellness. In fact, the 75 year old loves it so much, she also has it in the middle of the day as a quick snack or for a shot of energy and pure hydration.


No Wheat, Sugar, or Dairy

The Manchester Evening News reports that Hawn follows a strict wheat-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free diet. She also likes to keep things plain, simple, and usually juiced. The actress says that isn’t fond of mixing food items too much. For instance, if she needs protein, she’ll simply eat a bowl of lentils! No extra mix-ins, no sauces, no dressing, etc.

Hawn believes that this minimal, no-fuss approach to food is to thank for her excellent figure and weight management.


Green Salad

Green juice in the morning, green salad with broccolini for lunch, green watercress soup and green beans with fish for dinner. That’s Goldie Hawn’s typical day-to-day menu, with some smart snacking in-between. Basically, she’s a big fan of light dishes and healthy, leafy greens.

Don’t worry, though—the 75-year-old star does admit to having cheat days! Her food-of-choice when indulging? Truffle fries.


Coconut Water

How to stay hydrated like Hawn? Coco water! The “Snatched” star fills her fridge with organic coconut water from Harmless Harvest. This brand promises no extra ingredients in their water, claiming it’s the closest you can get to drinking straight from the coconut. Definitely fits right in with Goldie Hawn’s “no fuss, no muss” food philosophy!

(Psst! Harmless Harvest also has flavoured coco water – if you’re craving a little variety.)


Kale Chips & Almond Butter Crackers

Aside from green juice, the actress admits to stealing almond butter crackers from “Snatched” co-star Amy Schumer to munch on from time to time. She also snacks on healthy kale chips from time to time. If you don’t have much fondness for kale (not everyone does), organic or natural veggie chips may work just as well!


Now that you’ve got your green juice guide sorted, if you’d like to find out more about how you can get a hand with every other meal, talk to us at Hearty Health ready meals. Simply call 1300 728 764 or email hello@heartyhealth.com.au