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Super Spinach: 3 Amazing Facts About (Arguably) The World’s Greatest Green Superfood

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Super Spinach: 3 Amazing Facts About (Arguably) The World’s Greatest Green Superfood


Most of us know spinach to be Popeye the Sailor Man’s source of strength (or maybe we’re just showing our age there). But it’s true, spinach gives you strength, but there are many other great facts about this little leafy legend. 


Spinach is 91% Water

Have you ever wondered why spinach seems to shrink when you cook them? The reason for this is that the water held by the leaves evaporates, leaving shriveled leaves behind.

You might now be thinking that if so much water is lost when you cook spinach, would other important nutrients be lost as well? Spinach contains a substance called oxalic acid. When under high temperatures, oxalic acid is broken down and releases iron and calcium which can be readily absorbed in your body.

If you thought cucumbers were the most watery vegetables out there, spinach actually wins the game.

Great Source of Iron

You might have thought that in order to get enough iron in your body, you should be eating a lot of burger patties. Contrary to that belief, 100 grams of spinach contains more iron than 100 grams of burger patties. The next time, you go shopping for foods high in iron, the vegetable aisle is where you need to go.

Iron is great for energy, gastrointestinal processes, a healthy immune system and regulation of body temperature. Many people only notice their iron deficiency when they are not getting the right amounts of it. You can always run to spinach whenever you need a boost.

Packed with Vitamins

Like many of the other green, leafy vegetables, spinach is packed with vitamin A, B, C, K and E. Not only that, spinach contains calcium and magnesium for healthier bones and regulating a healthy body.

Eating a plate of spinach is like giving your immune system a high five.


Knowing these spinach facts should make you want to add them to your diet more often, in fact, we have a delicious Spinach and Feta Pastry Roll on our current menu. To find out more about Hearty Health ready meals. Call 1300 728 764 or email hello@heartyhealth.com.au