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On A Diet? Here’s Why It’s Okay to Eat to Your Heart’s Content On Occasion

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On A Diet? Here’s Why It’s Okay to Eat to Your Heart’s Content On Occasion

Feeling guilty after a holiday feast?

You don’t actually have to. Experts show that beyond the shame of overindulgence are several important benefits to your current health goals.

So if you are still beating yourself, fasting and working out to death to compensate for stuffing yourself silly last weekend, you need to simmer down with this article.


What Is Overindulgence?

Have you ever had one of those euphoric moments wherein you allowed yourself to have too much of something enjoyable or pleasurable? That’s exactly overindulgence.

In eating, overindulgence often if not always comes with a backlash. Bloating, reflux and indigestion — these are just three to name a few. 

Studies show, however, that short-term overeating does not result in weight gain, higher fat and body masses compared to doing it in long-term.

Is Overindulgence Helpful In Any Way?

In a few ways, YES! In fact, some health, fitness and wellness experts swear by the power of overindulgence on occasion. 

Here are 3 important benefits of overindulgence to outline a few.


1. It provides a mental break from dieting.

Our motivation to stick on a strict diet can sometimes sink and hit its plateau. Constantly measuring every portion and counting calories can be draining so allowing yourself a little leeway to enjoy the food you love a few times a year can give you space to relax from the pressure and go back to the grindstone with renewed motivation. 


2. It teaches you that progress is not linear.

When we start a new diet or workout routine, we expect everything to be perfect and to go in a smooth straight line without fluctuation. In reality, our progress can pause, move upward and dip downward and it’s perfectly okay.

A one-time overindulgence session can remind us that our best won’t look the same everyday but it won’t mean, in any way, that we are not making progress.


3. It allows you to regress briefly.

Imagine visiting an ex and getting reminded why you left them. Overindulgence works the same. It enables us to dip in our old selves and remember why we started to do things differently.


Whatever your health or body goal is, a heavy meal out of your regular diet portion won’t really hurt in the long run if only done once in a while. Life offers a lot of occasions and let’s face it, we all overdo it with food sometimes. So relax. A one-off cheat day won’t get you out of your track.

6 Egg Recipes to Break Away From Your Average Breakfast

One of the many joys of life are slow mornings with good breakfast. And let’s all agree, there’s nothing quite like egg recipes for a power meal to start off your day.

Eggs are incredibly flavorful and nutritious,  yet affordable and versatile for making the most delicious meals. 

So if you want to break away from your ordinary sunny-side up or omelet, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 6 egg recipes to add more life to your average breakfast or brunch.


1. Breakfast Spuds


If you are looking for something quick and easy, you have to try this  toothsome recipe. It’s a great combo of your favorite breakfast ingredients sweet potatoes, eggs, ham and cheese — scrumptiously put together in one plate. 



2. Festive Egg Scramble


Upgrade your regular scrambled egg the festive and colorful way!

Prepared with sliced mushrooms, red pimientos and bacon, it’s perfect to keep your breakfast meal fun, healthy and hearty



3. Jammy Egg Toasts


Create a special breakfast your family will surely love. Fifteen minutes is all you need to serve this perfectly velvety egg that is something in between boiled and poached. Dip your bread in or munch it in a bite — it’s heavenly either way.



4. Potato Chip Omelet


Craving for a salty snack in your breakfast buffet? We’ve got your back!

Potato chip omelet is prepared by combining eggs, potato chips, parsley and salt in a bowl. If you like, add finely sliced chives or sprinkle it with smoked paprika. 



5. Salmon & Egg Breakfast Wrap


When you want something especially hearty, try this salmon and egg recipe. It is rich in protein plus omega-3s. Bonus points for Greek yogurt in its ingredient list so you make sure you serve only nutrient-dense foods for a power morning meal.



6. Cabbage & Egg


This recipe is too simple yet too good to not be included in the list. 

If you are looking for a light meal to match a lazy morning, this cabbage and egg recipe is exactly what you need. It is easy to prepare and is packed with impressive nutrient content.


Egg is one the few breakfast recipes that we can’t get enough of. It can fit into practically any meal. What’s more, it goes well with almost all other ingredients. There’s no excuse to settle with your average recipe. Experiment and get inspired with these egg breakfast ideas on our list.