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5 Health Food Trends We’ll All Be Talking About In 2021

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5 Health Food Trends We’ll All Be Talking About In 2021

Food trends come and go, but health is forever—whether we realise it or not.

2020 has brought about a world-wide awakening, the likes of which are rarely witnessed. People are suddenly very, very aware of what they put into their bodies. Lack of physical activity and actual physical limitations have left us with little else to do but focus on what we’re eating, and boy, have there been some insights.

Given the current global health situation going on, are we really surprised, though?

Health is 2020’s theme. More and more people are coming to realize that, in the greater scheme of things, diet and lifestyle choices do matter.

(That was always the case, of course, but people are really feeling the pressure now.)

So let’s take a look at five health food trends experts are predicting for 2021.



No one’s going to be giving up their burgers, chips, and sodas any time soon, but they’re certainly looking for more body-friendly options. Low-salt chips, for instance. Or sparkling citrus water instead of soda. Veggie burgers. Low-sodium seasoning. Gluten-free wraps and buns.

Recent statistics show that 24% more Americans have switched over to plant-based dairy products (as compared to 2019), and 17% more are choosing plant-based meat alternatives.

That’s right; we’re switching out the ice cream and frozen whip for fat-free yogurt or “nice” cream. Healthy homemade smoothies are reigning supreme.

Again, the theme of 2020 is health, and it looks like it’s going to trickle on over into 2021.


Snacking on Superfoods

On that note, more people are substituting chips and popcorns for nuts, seeds, and legumes. There’s been a marked rise in rich broth and sauerkraut sales. Vendors have reported that people are ordering mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, arugula, kale, chard, and citrus fruits by the dozen. As long as the food item is said to “strengthen the immune system,” (and is backed by sufficient evidence, of course), you can bet on it selling out in less than a week.

Mark your calendars; 2021 will be the year of the superfoods.


Branching Out Beyond Vegetable & Olive Oil

For better or for worse, quarantine has forced a lot of us to learn how to cook. Fresh groceries delivered to your front door plus oodles of free time plus culinary craftsmen posting how-to videos equals new “cooks” being born.

(Although we use that term loosely.)

For some, cooking remains a necessary skill.

So that they don’t live on a steady diet of canned sodium and take-out, no doubt.

For others, it has become a full-blown, borne-of-boredom hobby. And all the free time this pandemic has wrought only means they’re free to experiment as much as they please.

What does this mean?

According to the numbers; oil. Specifically “healthy oil” options.

Recent consumer reports reveal that people are branching out with the oil they use. Sales for “unusual” or “unconventional” oils have shot up. You have the typical vegetable oil, coconut oil, and olive oil, sure. But people are also buying pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil, and sunflower oil by the dozen. Whether they’re driven by the reported health benefits of these oils or they just like the taste, predictions mark this trend as one that isn’t doing down any time soon.


The Most Important Meal of the Day

The “Most Important Meal of the Day” is now getting the love and respect it deserves. Because more people are working from home, they no longer have to rush through breakfast. Gone are the easy-to-eat protein bars, cereals, instant oatmeal, and hastily-chopped fruit – thank goodness.

Now that people have the time to watch the stove, they’ve been replaced with actual breakfast dishes. Fried eggs and bacon, eggs benedict, waffles, soufflé pancakes, sausages, hash browns, actual brewed coffee – all that good stuff.

And with the ways things are going, this Big Breakfast Trend definitely looks set to blow up come 2021.


Not a Full Cut; Just a Trim

Now that people know going cold-turkey and drastically cutting out every “bad” thing from your diet – like sodium, processed sugars, simple carbs, red meats, etc. – is not sustainable, they’ve switched over to the art of reduction. And it shows! 2020 is seeing more successful weight-management and health-management meal plans because (a) people can finally dedicate time to watch what they’re eating, and (b) they’ve learned how to “trim down” rather than “cut out.”

This concept is pretty much along the same vein as switching out certain food items with healthier alternatives. Instead of completely eliminating processed meats or sugars from their diet, people instead limit their intake.

For instance; one sugary snack a day or sugary snacks just three times a week as opposed to sugar whenever you want. Or instead of completely dumping out red meat, halve your portion of red meat instead and fill up the other half with veggies or healthier white meat (you can never go wrong with fish or poultry). Instead of chugging soda or high-sugar fruit juice with every meal, maybe limit it to one glass of soda every other day.


This healthfulness mindset has brought about a collective awareness of what we’re eating, which is awesome. And it shows with the food choices people are making. The realization that our immune system is our first and best defense against the current pandemic has translated beautifully into five great food trends that are catered towards building a healthy, fully-optimised body.


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