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How to Survive Dining Out Without Sabotaging Your Diet Goals

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How to Survive Dining Out Without Sabotaging Your Diet Goals

Going out for dinner is a notorious diet saboteur.

At least you could console yourself by thinking this dine-out would be a one-time treat. Then suddenly, it’s the new normal. It happens to the best of us, even those who don’t consider themselves ‘foodies.’

With more people living busy lifestyles and seeking out more fast food choices and restaurant meals over home-cooked meals, eating out has been a quick fix. But the same quick fix we are talking about is also a troublemaker.


The Downside of Eating at Restaurants


For starters, most restaurants serve huge portions that are hard not to overeat (even if they aren’t very heavy). Eating out also tends to mean eating fast food—which means less nutrition and more fat and sodium than homemade meals. And finally, there’s often no time limit on how long you can stay at the table. So even if you start with good intentions by ordering an appetizer or salad instead of an entrée, it’s easy for those good intentions to slip away as the conversation flows over dinner!

But should you resign yourself from dining out because you can never enjoy your food without blowing your health progress?


5 Quick Tips To Eat Out & Still Stick To Your Plan


I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times before……just don’t eat out. It never seems to be that easy, though, does it? I mean, we usually want to go out with friends or family or just wish to try a best-selling dish from a famous local restaurant.

So whether you’re trying to lose weight, prevent illnesses from creeping in, or just eat healthier in general, here are 5 ways you can enjoy dining out without blowing your progress.


1. Eat slowly.

Taking a few extra minutes to enjoy your food gives your body time to register if it’s full and satisfied. This means that you’ll feel less compelled to order dessert or more bread as a way of “finishing” your meal—even if you don’t really feel like you need it.


2. Skip the sauce.

Sauces are often loaded with calories and fat because they contain oil and other ingredients like butter or cheese, which add unnecessary calories. Instead of ordering extra sauce on your salad or entrée, ask if they can bring it on the side so you can use as much as necessary without overdoing it!


3. Pick the right restaurant.

If you know where you’re going, it’s easier to plan ahead and ensure that the menu fits your dietary restrictions. Look for restaurants that offer lots of healthy options, like grilled chicken or fish dishes with steamed vegetables and brown rice instead of french fries and white bread.


4. Ask for substitutions.

Don’t be shy. If there’s something on the menu that doesn’t align with your diet goals and you don’t love it anyway, ask if they can make it differently. You might get lucky!

At Hearty Health, we tailor your order according to your preference to guarantee what we serve satisfies both your taste bud and health needs.


5. Drink two glasses of water before you dive in.

A good rule of thumb is to drink two glasses of water before eating at a restaurant. That way, by the time your food arrives, you’ll be well-hydrated and less likely to be tempted by the high-calorie options on the menu! Drinking water before your meal also helps with portion control by increasing how full you feel before eating.




Trying new restaurants and enjoying your favorite food may be a good way to enjoy life. Still, it can also work against you when you are trying to stick to a healthy diet plan. That doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself while dining out, or that you need to avoid restaurants altogether.

As long as you plan ahead, stick to your goals, and stay hydrated, you can enjoy dining out without having it derail your diet. It just takes a little extra thought, the right technique, and lots of self-control.