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3 Reasons We Love Vitamin D (And You Should Too)

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3 Reasons We Love Vitamin D (And You Should Too)

Think you’ve got enough of the sunshine vitamin? Arguably one of the more popular vitamins out there, the reason behind this nickname is the fact that vitamin D is produced by our skin in response to direct sunlight. Unfortunately, despite the abundance of daylight hours we get during the course of the day, at least 17% of adolescents and 32% of young adults are vitamin D deficient, according to a study. This is why in today’s article, we want to give you three reasons why we love vitamin D—and why you definitely should too! 


  1. It helps keep your bones strong. 

One of vitamin D’s primary benefits is that it regulates how we absorb calcium and phosphorus. Phosphorus helps calcium build strong bones, but it’s the sunshine vitamin’s job to make sure both of these are processed by our bodies to aid in the growth and development of bones and teeth. Insufficient vitamin D can increase the risk of bone abnormalities like osteoporosis, which is why it’s important we get as much sunshine vitamin as we can! 


  1. It fights off disease. 

Another vital benefit of vitamin D is that it helps improve our immune system, especially against certain diseases. In fact, one study found that enough of the sunshine vitamin has a significant effect on heart health by decreasing the chances of getting heart disease. That’s a great win for your heart just because of one vitamin alone! Yet another study discovered that vitamin D also lessens the likelihood of catching and developing the flu. 


  1. It can boost weight loss. 

A study found that extra calcium and vitamin D can have an appetite-suppressing effect when participants who took daily calcium and vitamin D supplements ended up losing more weight than their counterparts (who were only taking a placebo supplement). A different study also looked into the effect of the sunshine vitamin on overweight participants and discovered a significant improvement in cardiovascular disease risk markers. 


But aside from the sun, how do we ensure we get our daily dose of vitamin D? Apart from supplements, fatty fish and seafood are rich in this vitamin: some examples are salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna, anchovies, oysters and shrimp. You’re hitting two birds with one stone, too—these are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids! Some fortified foods have vitamin D, too: orange juice, cow’s milk, and tofu are just a few examples. Whether it’s through the sun, vitamin D-rich foods, or supplements, Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that we should make sure we get enough of for its amazing benefits!