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6 Things To Do During A Social Media Break  

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6 Things To Do During A Social Media Break  

One day, you decide to take a social media break. It was going well at first and you have been holding to the urge to scroll and curate on your phone with all your self-control.

In the middle of the day however, boredom strikes and without even knowing it, your eyes are tied back again to your screen.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. But have you imagined how your mental health will look like if you really take this social media break seriously and get through the day without logging in onto your accounts?

If so, you would know how well it will benefit your wellbeing.

Here are 6 things you can do to keep yourself occupied while on a social media break.


1. Make a new recipe.


If you have been at your work desk (or bed) all week, then it’s time to swerve to your kitchen table for a change.

Try out a new recipe that you can add to your weekly meal plan. Experiment and reinvent your regular meal and share it with your family. It’s also a great way to eat healthy and save money.


2. Meditate.


If you want to clear your thoughts and improve your mental health while on a social media break, meditation can bring you introspection and inner peace. It also helps with lowering stress, improving immune function and  slowing mental aging.

An added bonus, according to studies, mindfulness also taps into the pleasure center of the brain to help with social media addiction or cravings.


3. Be active.


Scrolling through your phone for hours could be an extremely sedentary activity. During your social media day off, take this as an opportunity to cut your inactive lifestyle and engage in physical exercises.

It could be as simple as walking, running, biking, lifting, swimming or more intensive activities such as hiking or trekking. As long as it keeps you active and you find fun in it, it’s worth the time of your social media break.


4. Listen to podcasts.


We have different goals for a social media break. If your objective is just to relax and rest, sit in a cozy corner, put on a pair of headphones and play a good podcast on your phone. You can still cut down on screen time if you are just listening to it.

Find a podcast host you like or try to ask for recommendations. You can find a lot of educational and entertaining content online.


5. Spend time with nature.


I can’t emphasize enough how wholesome time spent in nature is. It is associated with cognitive benefits and mood improvements. Being in nature may even reduce mortality, based on research.

Leave your phone at home if you are not expecting any important email or message. Just enjoy the outdoors and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen.


6. Have a friend come over to your house.


If you’ve been wanting to vent about a bad week at work or just catch up with a longtime friend, invite them to come over. We’ve gotten so used to online messaging and posting that we often miss the real thing.

Face-to-face conversations allow us to bond and connect deeper with another person without the damaging blue lights from our phone screen.



So, you decided to take a social media break. Now you are wondering what to do with all your free time. The good news is there is an endless option for you and the world has so much to offer to you more than just a good Instagram aesthetic. Consider our tips above and get the most out of your time on your social media day off.