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5 Food Trends We’ve Been Loving for Years & Why They’re Here to Stay

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5 Food Trends We’ve Been Loving for Years & Why They’re Here to Stay

Nearly every year, new food trends on eating and cooking are popping. But after stressful years of adapting to life with the pandemic, people have turned to food more than ever and food trends have been rapidly changing like never before.

Nonetheless, there are a few that remained golden in the mainstream. 

Here are 5 food trends that have stood the test of time and why people are refusing to desert them in the frontline.


1. Lifestyle Trend: Flexitarianism


If eliminating meat altogether is not an option for you, the flexitarian diet could be your closest choice.

First coined in 1998, flexitarianism involves conspicuously cutting down on the amount of meat without completely removing it from your diet let’s say once in a while or only on the weekends. The aim is to allow more space for plant-based meals.

In Australia alone, 42 percent of people are eating less meat or none at all in 2019, with 20 percent of this group identifying themselves as flexitarian. 

This trend has been on the rise and more and more people are embracing it.



2. Ingredient Trend: Plant-Based Burgers


Plant-based burgers have been making loud buzzes in consumers for decades already and the fast food industry seems to know the assignment as an increasing number of popular chains are launching their own version of it. 

Ingredients are made from plants to create a meaty-like patty that satisfies like beef. It is lower in saturated fat than real meat and is high in fiber. 

If you haven’t tried one yet, definitely run to the nearest restaurant in your area or if it’s not available, you can also make it yourself.



3. Meal Prep Trend: Takeout


As in-person dining returns in most food chains, people seem to continue using takeout and delivery. 

Delivery services became a lifeline for businesses during the pandemic but as cases are dropping, people are still preferring to have their food delivered at home or in the workplace.

It’s probably one of the most convenient ways to eat what you want without having to clean up and consume time from preparing your meal.



4. Beverage Trend: Milk Alternatives

Dairy-free alternatives have been flooding the milk section in groceries for years already but the industry seems to keep on pressing with new options nonstop. From the classic coconut, soy and almond milk to newcomers hazelnut, hemp and oat milk, lactose intolerant consumers are just loving it.



5. Kitchen Appliance Trend: Air Fryer

Everybody seems to be talking and posting about it. 

Air fryers have been on the radar since it was first introduced in 2010. This handy cooking appliance does not require oil at all in cooking. It allows you to prepare low-fat meals without sacrificing the crunch, the crisp and the taste.

It allows you to enjoy your food guilt-free and hassle-free!


Food trends come and go but some may earn a long-term seat in our eating and cooking adventures. If you haven’t found one that you love yet, try out one from our list and get inspired.