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George Clooney Hospitalised After Crash Dieting: Here Are All The Reasons Why This Kind Of Dieting Never Works

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George Clooney Hospitalised After Crash Dieting: Here Are All The Reasons Why This Kind Of Dieting Never Works

Crash dieting

You remember George Clooney, right? The oh-so-dapper star of Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Eight and copious Nespresso commercials. 

While Clooney seemed pretty fit in those flicks, the actor was reported to be hospitalized right before filming his latest film, Midnight Sky. The actor was diagnosed with pancreatitis after his 14kg weight loss crash dieting program.

Let’s face it, when we want something, we want to have it right away. We don’t want to have to wait for something that will take us months or even years to get. Because of this attitude, people are finding ‘hacks’ that can get them results in the fastest time possible. You might have seen ads about products that can help you lose 20lbs in only 2 weeks! While this sounds great, it is not safe and can even put you at risk for countless health problems.

The term ‘crash dieting’, simply put, is a type of weight loss plan undertaken in a short amount of time and that eliminates most major food groups. Here are some points that will help you understand why this type of dieting is dangerous:


  1. It Hurts Your Metabolic Rate

Crash dieting lowers your metabolic rate which can result in gaining weight faster later on. When you go into extreme dieting, your muscles breakdown which is the reason for a reduced metabolic rate. When your metabolic rate is lowered, fewer calories are going to be burned when you are resting and therefore the more prone you are to gaining more weight.

  1. Messes-up Your Immune System

Food is where we get our essential vitamins and minerals; when we deprive ourselves we weaken our system. Because a lot of crash diets exclude many important food groups, most of the nutrients that our bodies need are missing thus messing up our body’s response to viral attacks and other diseases.

  1. Causes Pancreatitis

The inflammation of your pancreas or pancreatitis happens when your pancreas starts to digest itself. A poor diet can lead to acute or chronic pancreatitis and some of the symptoms are stomach pain, fever, vomiting and nausea.

When your pancreas is inflamed, this causes the enzymes to die out and the result is poor digestion and absorption of essential nutrients that your body needs.



“I think I was trying too hard to lose weight quickly.” Confessed Clooney and we can all learn a very important lesson from him – Losing weight is a process that should never be rushed.

There are many diet fads that tickle our ears but knowing what is actually good for your body can save your life. At Hearty Health, we make sure that you have all the essential nutrients in our ready meals. Call 1300 728 764 or visit heartyhealth.com.au