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Ways on How Educators Can Promote Positive Healthy Eating Habits in Children

March 30th, 2017

Health-oriented caterers and meal suppliers for child care centres today must devise attractive ways to interest children in healthy foods, enticing youngsters to develop healthy eating habits. Most parents, teachers and child care administrators now realise the great importance of encouraging children to consume a healthy, natural and balanced diet starting at an early age. By helping children to acquire a taste and desire for health-enhancing foods during their preschool years, concerned adults can assist children to make healthy food choices that will enable them to lead active, productive lifestyles later on.

Methods of Influencing Youngsters to Like and Eat a Healthy Diet

Some ways to encourage young children to develop good eating habits that will help them grow and lead healthy, productive lives all during their teenage years and throughout adulthood include the following:

• Prepare Colorful, Tasty Foods That Are Attractive to Children. – When you prepare meals for young children that consist of foods with appealing colors and tastes, most children will eat meals willingly. For example, when you serve youngsters sweet apples with crisp hot roasted chicken and flavorful fresh whole-grain berry and nut muffins, they will often eat a full meal. If you substitute flavorful natural fruit juices for sodas, they will acquire a taste and desire for these natural drinks.

• Serve Foods in Familiar Designs on Youngsters’ Plates. – When food caterers for child care centres and preschool programs serve meals prepared in designs that children know and like, such as clown faces, baseball caps and mitts or dancer’s tutus, children are often delighted and will respond by eating everything on their plates.

• Cut and Carve Fruits and Vegetables in Plant or Animal Forms. – If food preparation for child care centres and preschool programs includes cutting and carving natural or organic fruits and vegetables into familiar plant or animal forms, children will usually respond enthusiastically, eating a healthy meal.

• Create a Story About Each Food Served to Kids. – When child care experts create stories to accompany healthy meals for children, youngsters are often willing to eat nutritional, pure foods. For example, if Ricky the Race Horse eats lots of crisp, fresh carrots and apples, children will do the same after hearing Ricky’s story or viewing a video about this popular horse character.

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