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The Childcare Centre’s Role for Children’s Health

March 8th, 2017

Experienced child care catering services provide highly nutritious, fresh foods and seasonal menus to child care centres to ensure that youngsters enrolled in these educational care facilities receive more than their daily requirement of nutrient-rich meals and snacks. Menus vary according to what fruits and vegetables are available during each season, and meals are varied and colourful to attract the attentions and interest of young boys and girls. As well as providing these healthy and attractive foods prepared to please children, it is the goal of child care educators to promote and encourage positive, healthy eating habits in young children that will last throughout their lives.

How Child Care Administrators and Teachers Can Best Promote Good, Healthful Eating Habits in Youngsters

Concerned and skillful child care teachers and administrators can actively encourage healthy culinary choices and eating habits in young children in the following ways:

• Choose Child Care Caterers Offering Colourful and Tasty Foods that Appeal to Children. – Young children are attracted to colourful foods with simple, distinct flavors and aromas that are easy to identify. Although they usually love sweets, they can quickly acquire a taste and desire for natural fruits, berries and nuts as well as natural fruit juices and yogurt with fruit. By serving young boys and girls plates of food that display attractive colours and food combinations, you can encourage them to try new menus and healthy recipes. By cutting vegetables into animal and flower shapes, you can get children to try foods they otherwise turn away from.

• Teach Children the Benefits of Healthy Eating on a Daily Schedule.
– Teach young boys and girls to recognize how much more alert and focused they feel when they eat healthy, nutritious meals every day. Help them to realize how much their physical strength and endurance improve when they eat a variety of healthy, energizing foods regularly. Educate them to understand how healthy eating on a daily schedule can help prevent colds, flu and sore throats from occurring.

• Measure the Results of Young Students’ Nutritional Intake Throughout the Year.
– Have children in child care sessions practice exercises daily that reveal their steady or fluctuating levels of muscular strength and agility as well as their emotional stamina to persevere and succeed in completing difficult tasks and activities. Teach them that by eating a healthy diet of fresh, balanced foods every day, they can be stronger and more active both at their child care centre and at home while enjoying gaining new knowledge, skills and abilities daily.

By enrolling your youngster in a child care centre that uses Hearty Health, the premier child care catering service, you will enable your child to benefit from energizing, empowering menus offering a healthful array of fresh, flavorful and nutritious foods every day of the year. Your child care centre can either arrange daily food deliveries from this innovative meal provider or place online orders for menus that will nourish and educate your young boy or girl. Help your child to learn the art and practice of appreciating a nutrient-rich diet for a lifetime.

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