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How Schools and Child Care Caterers Can Help Stop Obesity in Children

June 16th, 2017

Innovative caterers for schools and child care centres in Australia can help greatly in reducing and even stopping childhood obesity around the country. When healthy food combinations that appeal to youngsters are served at lunchtime during your child’s daily educational program schedule, he or she will respond well, eating a healthy, balanced meal that is rich in essential nutrients. Although many people assume that children will not eat foods that are not filled with sugar, this has been shown to be untrue by skillful nutritionists and school or childcare catering services. Even very young children will acquire a more diversified taste for different foods and food combinations when served a changing variety of foods during weekly mealtimes.

How Skilled Caterers can Help Child Care and School Children Avoid Obesity

Experienced and skillful school and child care caterers understand how to prepare healthy meals that are attractive to children while providing them with high quality nutritional value. Some ways in which these caterers help children avoid the development of obesity through their daily eating habits include the following:

• Prepare Attractive Low-Calorie Meals. – By serving children in child care centres and school programs healthy meals that are low in fats and calories, but high in nutritional content, caterers can be quite successful at helping these youngsters avoid weight gain that leads to obesity. These experts understand the importance of presenting colorful food combinations to children that appeal to them visually, have attractive aromas and taste delicious.

• Include a Healthy Sweet in Each Menu. – When a nutritious sweet like a banana, sweet grapes or apples is included in these children’s daily lunch menu, they begin to expect and like this choice for dessert. Also popular are frozen yogurt and soy ice cream.

• Fill Each Plate With a Series of Small Servings.
– By filling each child’s plate with a series of small food servings, children learn to appreciate a variety of foods and small quantities of each food. This smorgasbord approach to eating teaches them to acquire a taste for many different foods and recipes without overeating one particular food choice.

By working with the experienced and caring children’s meal caterers at Hearty Health.com, your school or child care centre will help young students avoid the many health and social adjustment problems that can result from childhood obesity. These top quality chefs and catering experts are highly skilled at preparing and providing your facility with the finest nutritional and varied menus, served in attractive, child-sized portions to entice and delight all your youngsters each day.

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