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Hearty Meals for Schools and Childcare Centres: Meeting Your Kids’ Nutritional Needs

April 28th, 2017

Catering services for schools and childcare centres are proving to be a growing and very beneficial line of business in Australia today. The best of these catering enterprises are focused on planning and preparing healthy, energizing and appealing menus that children will eat and enjoy. Each meal consists of fresh, healthy foods that offer a well-balanced daily diet for active, growing youngsters in their early childhood and preschool learning facilities.

Studies have shown that youngsters who consume health-promoting food on a regular basis during their busy training programs stay alert and active throughout each day’s studies and interactive group learning sessions. These children concentrate better and for longer time periods when eating healthy meals every day. They do not tire during physical activity periods, and their interest levels during both morning and afternoon study sessions stay at high levels.

Food Types Included in Quality Catered Meals for School and Childcare Groups

Responsible professional caterers for early childhood education programs understand what foods are essential to an active child’s growth and good health. They also know how to prepare and present meals so that children will be attracted to beneficial foods and want to eat them. The following foods are important to a healthy child’s diet and should be served frequently in schools and childcare facilities:

• Fresh Vegetables and Fruits. – Daily servings of fresh vegetables and fruits give children essential vitamins and minerals for healthy physical growth and development as well as for maintaining mental alertness and focus.

• Meats, Fish, Poultry and Other Proteins. – These foods with high protein content help youngsters build strong, agile muscles and healthy connective tissues that enable them to engage in regular exercise and play periods without becoming fatigued or short of breath. Good meat, fish and poultry substitutes in a child’s diet include peanut butter, eggs or tofu.

• Foods High in Natural Grains Content. – Fresh, whole grain breads and cereals give children the healthy fibre and essential nutrients needed for normal physical and mental growth as well as healthy hearts, lungs and digestive systems. Many grains have high counts of essential minerals needed for steady child development.

• Healthy Carbohydrates.
– A nutritional diet must be balanced by healthy intake of carbohydrates found in breads, pasta, rice and potatoes. Carbs energize the body, empowering children and inspiring them to expend more energy and effort during games and sports activities.

• Fresh Dairy Products. – Milk, yogurt and other quality dairy products add important minerals like calcium and magnesium to a growing child’s diet. These minerals are necessary for developing and maintaining strong, healthy bones and tendons throughout the bodies of young children.

By engaging the health-promoting catering services of Hearty Health, the best choice in excellent school and childcare catering, your early childhood training facility will gain the vital benefits of the ultimate in nutritious, well-rounded menus for fast-growing, active youngsters in childcare and preschool educational programs in Australia today. These savvy caterers know how much children love sweets, so they always include a nutritious sweet treat with each daily lunch menu to reward youngsters for consuming a healthy, balanced meal.

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