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How Healthy Snacks at Schools Can Help Stop Child Obesity

April 18th, 2017

Child obesity has risen to such a high level that the schools should now understand that they can play a vital role in combating this epidemic. The same goes for your school since you can teach proper nutrition not just in the classrooms, but also by the food that you serve to students in the form of meals and snacks. For this information, though, we will concentrate on how eating healthy snacks at schools can help stop child obesity.

1. Healthy Foods at Snack Time Provide a Boost to the Metabolism

When you serve healthy snacks at school in between meals, you boost the children’s metabolisms, and this helps their body burn calories. The body must burn calories steadily throughout the day to maintain a healthy weight and even lose excess fat.

2. Reduces Sugar Intake for the Children

Sugar spikes in the bodies of children hinder their ability to burn the glycogen stores that they need to in order for the children to lose and maintain weight. For example, if they eat veggies, low-fat cheese and fruit, they consume far less sugar than if they consume donuts, cookies or cake for snacks. In addition, if any of the children attending your school suffer from type-one diabetes, they need to limit their sugar intake severely during the day along with other unhealthy foods.

3. Teaches Children Proper Eating Habits

Serving healthy snacks to children teaches them proper eating habits. This lesson can stay with them all through their lives and not just their early years. Experts agree that setting an example such as this is more effective than just lecturing them about the importance of eating healthy.

4. Lessens the Overall Calorie Intake for Children

Healthy foods for snacks contain fewer calories than sugar laden ones do, and this lessens the daily intake of calories for children. As a result, they are less likely to become obese.

5. Keeps Children’s Energy Level Up for Physical Activities

Supplementing the children’s nutrition with healthy snacks at school in between meals keeps the children’s energy level up in order for them to participate in the physical activities and exercise that they should have each day. Whether it is open play or a structured fitness program, children will build strong bodies by running, jumping, hopping, walking, swimming or playing various sports.

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