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Freshness in Food Quality: How Fresh is Fresh? Hearty Health’s Success in Child Care Catering

February 8th, 2017

All the latest recommendations for feeding young children in day-care centres keep stating the importance of fresh, nutritious food in the meals that you serve. While you know what nutritious is, you may or may not understand how fresh the foods actually should be for the children. Since Hearty Health’s child care catering service specialises in preparing and delivery only the freshest of meals for children, we offer you the following explanation of what the true meaning of fresh food is at least, according to us.

Purchase Produce Straight from the Growers

Our fresh meals start with in-season produce straight from the growers who cultivate the fruits and vegetables. By doing this, we ensure that the produce has not been in the stores for a long period of time, but only hours away from being on the farm or in the orchard. This keeps fruits and vegetables as high quality, nutritious and flavourful as possible.

Select Poultry and Other Meats from Local Producers

Through turning to local producers for our poultry and other meats, we ensure that we serve meat from animals raised with the latest methods to safeguard the health of the public. The meat in a grocery store may or may not be of this standard.

Seafood Is from Local Sources

We take the same care when we purchase seafood as we do with meat and poultry by only working with the best fish markets. Your children deserve the finest seafood available to safeguard their health and well-being.

We Prepare Meals Each Day to Ensure Further Freshness

After we purchase all of our ingredients, our chefs prepare meals each day to fulfil and delivery our orders in less than 24 hours to ensure that we maintain high freshness standards. Our drivers deliver your meals all the way to your refrigeration units for your convenience.

We Ensure the Freshness of All Other Ingredients

Along with all the foods mentioned above, we also ensure the freshness and quality of our dairy products or their substitutes and whole grain inclusions. From the bread in the meal to the beverage your children will eat, you can trust us to serve only the best.

Consult with us for further facts about the freshness in food quality that you will receive with our child care catering company. We will work with you to develop menus that rotate about every 4 weeks. In addition, we offer allergen meals.

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