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Why Children’s Meals Should Be Delivered Quickly to Childcare Centres

July 14th, 2017

Young children require quality nutrition while they are at day-care centres. Meals full of freshly prepared food guarantee that they will receive a wide assortment of nutrients. Once food preparation is complete, the food can rapidly lose their nutritional value along with their delicious flavour if the meals are not delivered quickly to childcare centres. Luckily, you can rely on Hearty Health for fast delivery each day from our kitchens to your refrigerator to ensure that the food you serve your children is as fresh and healthy as possible.

Our Chefs Act Quickly When Preparing Our Meals

We rotate our menus every four weeks in order to take advantage of the in-season food in the area. Our chefs never use frozen or canned ingredients in the meals that they prepare for day-care centres. Here, time also is important since we need to prepare the fresh food quickly to take full advantage of all they have to offer.

Fast Delivery Prevents Spoilage

One reason that childcare centres need rapid delivery of children’s meals is the prevention of spoilage. Cooked food has a short storage time, even under refrigeration, before it starts spoiling. For this reason, the sooner the meals reach your establishment, the better and fresher the meals will be for the children.

Rapid Delivery Ensures That the Children Will Eat on Time

Children will not need to wait on their food when we deliver the meals as quickly as possible. If your centre is similar to other ones, it operates on a schedule each day that you are open. Children may misbehave or be cranky when they get off schedule and too hungry before they can eat their meals.

Some Children May Have Medical Conditions That Require Eating at Regular Intervals

An important reason for you to rely on our rapid delivery of quality meals is that some of the children in your charge may be diabetic and need to eat on a specific schedule to help control their condition. They can suffer issues when they go without food too long at a time.

For further details about why children’s meals should be delivered quickly to your childcare centre, consult with our catering company. We help you with your meal planning, provide quality meals that our chefs prepare daily with in-season food and offer allergen meals. In addition, we transport all your meals from our professional kitchen to your refrigerator at no extra charge. Your satisfaction and the health of your children are our goals, and we strive to meet or exceed them all throughout the year.


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