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Childcare Centres Should Have a Proper Menu Plan and How Hearty Health Can Help

May 26th, 2017

Childcare centres, such as yours, need to help parents encourage children to develop healthy eating habits. Part of the way that you achieve this goal is to have a proper menu plan in place all throughout the year. A plan such as this should provide a variety of foods in order to help the children enjoy and not dread eating each day. All the foods need to be healthy, fresh and prepared in a tasty manner. Our company of Hearty Health is a professional childcare catering service, and we offer you tips below on what a proper menu plan should include and the way in which we assist you with your efforts.

Menus Need to Rotate Every Four Months

You should rotate your menus once every four months. This not only provides a variety of meals for children to keep them from eating the same foods continually, but the menu rotation allows you to take advantage of in-season produce and other foods.

All Meals Should Include Fresh, Quality Foods

The foods in the menu meals need to include fresh, quality produce, meats and herbs along with nutritious whole grains and dairy products or appropriate substitutes. It takes all these elements to provide balanced nutrition each day for children. Kids require various nutrients to grow strong muscles, teeth, nails and bones. In addition, a child’s nervous system, digestive tract and brain also need a broad assortment of nutrients to develop and function correctly.

Allergen Meals Are an Important Part of Menu Planning

Since certain children suffer from food allergies, you should also include a menu of allergen meals, so that they can consume food safely at your centre. Nuts and eggs are two examples of foods that young children can be allergic to, but there also are other ones.

Hearty Health Assists with Menu Planning

We meet with you to discuss your meal needs before we help you develop the proper menu plan to address your exact specifications. Our company plans our menus according to our suggestions in this information. Hearty Health never includes nuts or nut byproducts in our menus since so many children are allergic to them and we avoid pork and pork products since certain families have beliefs against consuming them. On top of this, we will work with you to develop allergen meals that fit the unique needs of children in your care who suffer from other food allergies besides nuts.

Along with our assistance in menu planning, we provide freshly prepared meals that include in-season produce and foods from the local area along with other necessary nutritious ingredients. Our drivers deliver your meals to the inside of your establishment directly to your kitchen.

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