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Child Care Centre Meals Online Order Service: Fresh, Allergen Free, and Healthy

February 21st, 2017

When you own or operate a day-care centre, it is your responsibility to ensure that the children in your care each day receive the proper nutrition in the meals and snacks that you serve to them. While you can stock and prepare food on your site, you may wish to turn to a professional company that specialises in child care catering, though, to receive high-quality meals with less hassle. Hearty Health is one such company, we provide fresh, allergen free, healthy child care centre meals through our online order service.

We Help You Prepare Four-Week Cycle Menus

Our team will help you formulate four-week cycle menus that rotate with the change of the seasons. By doing this, we guarantee that you will have the freshest of produce all through the year.

Our Highly Skilled Chefs Prepare Meals in Our Commercial Kitchen

Our highly trained professional chefs take fresh produce and other ingredients and create meals each day in our commercial kitchens for delivery to your establishment within 24 hours. You never receive leftovers from our catering service.

Our Meals Include Valuable Nutrition

The meals that you receive from us promise to deliver more than half of the children’s RDI. This exceeds the recommendation of Nutrition Australia, an organisation that we are a member of here in this country, that have nutritionists analyse meals for children to ensure that they offer at least, 50-percent of the children’s RDI.

We Include Local Produce

Our company purchases local produce to ensure the freshness of vegetable and fruits. In addition, this supports the local farmers and orchard owners. All meats also are from local sources.

Hearty Health Guarantees That Our Meals Do Not Contain Nuts and Pork

We avoid nuts in all our meals since so many children have allergies to them. Also, we do not include pork or any pork by-products in our meals because there are those whose cultural beliefs forbid the eating of pork.

We Provide Allergen-Free Meals for Those With Food Allergies

Since we understand that children have a variety of food allergies beyond just nuts, we create menus specifically to fit the needs of these children, so that they can eat safely each day. We label each meal in detail to ensure that there is no confusion with these meals.

On top of all the above features, we deliver our fresh meals each day right into your refrigerators. You will not need to meet the truck at the curb with your own crew.

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