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Best Recommended Healthy Snacks for Children that Taste Really Good

June 28th, 2017

Children of all ages love snacks. Especially when youngsters attend early childhood education programs as toddlers, kindergarten kids and preschool age children, snack time is a very popular break during the morning and afternoon sessions. Different from breakfast, lunch or dinner menus, snack foods can be simpler, and they seem to be made for the purpose of being fun to eat and tasting good. Healthy, natural snack foods are just as tasty and pleasurable to bite into as less nutritious ones, and child care centre teachers and food servers will usually pass out an abundance of snacks that are made of health-promoting ingredients.

These all-natural break-time treats also often come in colorful containers with ready-made spaces for different types of foods. For toddlers and young children, different types of snack foods often come packaged in color-coded plastic dishes and bowls to help these youngsters recognize and remember the names and uses of various foods.

Best Healthy, Really Tasty Snacks Most Often Recommended for Children

The best and most frequently recommended snack foods for young children that are natural, healthy and really tasty treats include the following popular choices:

• Orange-Honey-Wheat Muffins with Banana Chips and Lemon Yogurt. – This mid-morning or afternoon snack gives kids energy and stamina, keeping them alert until lunch break or the end of their daily child care centre program. Flavorful and filled with nutrients, this snack is fresh and light yet substantial enough to keep youngsters from getting hungry or sleepy during training sessions and activities.

• Tot-Size Veggie Pizzas with Mixed Olives and Carrot Sticks.
– These miniature, palm-size pizzas are the ideal serving size for small children. They are also easy to eat and rich in vitamin and mineral content. Kids also enjoy chasing the olives of different types and colors around their plates with the carrot sticks before eating, as individual table-top, mini-hockey competitions to tame any restlessness before continuing with their afternoon learning sessions.

• Sliced Melon and Bananas with Grapes, Nuts and Cheese Cubes. – Light fruits and other natural foods of this type are a great wake-up snack after rest periods for kindergarten kids or nap time for toddlers. Light and refreshing, they are just filling enough to satisfy youngsters’ appetites until the end of the morning or afternoon child care program.

When you enroll your young child in an innovative early childhood educational program with daily meals and snacks provided by Australia’s unique Hearty Health child care catering service, you are making the wise choice of ensuring a healthy, energizing diet for your youngster during child training sessions every day of the week. This advanced team of creative, nutritional food specialists for children will make sure your child eats the ultimate nutrient-rich, well balanced combination of meals and snack foods to enhance his or her good health and every new stage of these early learning years.

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