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How to avoid hay fever and keep Spring allergies at bay…

August 16th, 2017

Hip Hip Hooray – Spring is on its way…… daffodils, baby birds, sunshine, buds on trees and yes you guessed it – pollen.  Spring allergies can have a big impact on our quality of life so this Spring we have investigated ways to reduce the risk…

For many of us, Spring can mean staying inside, covering up and doing anything we can to keep the sniffles and itchiness at bay with all that pollen and love flying around.

For children especially, this is not an easy thing to do.  Children love to play outside, get their hands dirty and have fun.    A snuffly miserable and itchy child is definitely not a happy child!  Today we explore ways to reduce hay fever and allergic reactions in children so they can be happy and enjoy this blossoming season at home, school and while they are in care.

  • Limit dairy

Consider limiting or avoiding cow’s milk and other dairy products since these can increase mucus production in the respiratory tract and therefore exacerbate nasal congestion. Try dairy alternatives like coconutrice and nut milks instead.

  • Protect your eyes and nose

Pollen primarily enters through the eyes and nose so a groovy pair of sunglasses can be helpful.  There are a lot of sunglasses available on the market especially for children and it also provides UV protection so is a win-win.   Also a dab of balm like Vaseline can be put around the entrance of your nose to trap pollen!

  • High pollen days

Keep track of high pollen days and keep high risk children with Spring allergies indoors on these days with a special activity so they don’t feel like they are missing out too much.    At night, keep windows shut when the pollen count is above average.

  • Honey

A spoonful of honey can act as a natural immunotherapy, giving your immune system a daily dose of the allergen and a chance to get used to it.

  • Clean your pets

Make sure any pets living in your home are washed or wiped down with a damp cloth before being let in the house.  Spores can stick to your dog or cats fur making them a walking allergy irritant and we certainly don’t want that!

  • Fuel up with good food

Flavonoids found in most fresh vegetables, prevent the release of histamine from immune cells. While carotenoids, found in orange foods (like carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin etc)  promotes unblocked and open airways. Antioxidants also boost the immune system.   Head to our Facebook Page for a complete list.

  • Wash Wash Wash

Make sure you change your clothes and bedding regularly because pollen can stick to everything and try (if you can) to dry them inside so more pollen doesn’t stick once clean.  Pollen can also stick to your hair and skin so jump in the shower and bath as well.e

Contact us here for more information on Hearty Health and the fresh healthy meals we prepare for children in child care to help keep their Spring allergies at bay.

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