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Childcare Nutrition: What Your Children Eat Can Affect Their Developmental Health

January 23rd, 2017

Childcare nutrition is of the utmost importance since so many children today spend the majority of their waking hours in a day-care centre while their parents work or to prepare them for school. The foods that children consume on a daily basis can affect their developmental health in either a negative or positive manner depending upon the nutrients in each meal. In addition, childcare facilities must control the amounts of unhealthy fats, sugar and sodium in the various edible combinations that they serve each day. Read our information how the lack of certain nutrients will negatively affect children’s developmental health.

Muscles Require Protein

For muscles to be strong, children must eat a certain amount of protein each day. Lean meats and beans are two ideal sources of this important nutrient. Muscles will not develop properly without it.

Calcium Is Necessary to Build Strong Bones

Calcium from dairy and other foods is necessary for bones to grow at the right rate and density. Without sufficient amounts of this mineral, children will suffer easy bone breakage when the deficiency is severe.

Essential Fatty Acids Are Vital for Cognitive Development

To ensure that children develop their cognitive skills and abilities in the correct way, they need to consume foods that contain essential fatty acids. Nutrients such as these are in mackerel, herring, salmon and other types of fish along with whole grain foods, olive oil, dark green leafy vegetables and other foods. Studies show that essential fatty acids also prevent behavioural and mood disorders.

Vitamin C and Other Antioxidants Boost the Immune System

Childcare centres also should include foods high in vitamin C and other antioxidants to boost and fortify children’s immune systems. By doing so, the centres help the children ward off illness more effectively. Foods that contain antioxidants include citrus fruits, berries, kidney beans, apples and potatoes.

Iron-Rich Foods Build Strong Blood

Another part of developing in a healthy manner is to build strong blood through eating iron-rich foods. Red meat, poultry and other lean meats along with dark green leafy vegetables, seafood are prime examples of this type of food. Without sufficient iron, children can become anaemic and this affects their energy level along with their overall health.

Since poor developmental health negatively affects children’s ability to learn mental and physical skills in the proper time frame, childcare centres need to do their part to ensure that they serve a well-balanced selection of nutritious food to them each day. To ensure that your centre meets the demand for this type of food, you should rely on Hearty Health since we are experts in childcare catering.

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